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Hi there! I'm Catie. Welcome to my blog. I started blogging in 2008 under the name "Newby at Home." I have since changed blogs in order to protect the names of the innocent my children.

Why "So long, Sleep"? In 2008 we had our first baby. That was one of the happiest times in my life. It was also when I said goodbye to that beautiful thing we all take for granted before we have children--sleep. Since then we've had two more babies and even though I'm not sleeping as much as I'd like these days, my heart is certainly full and happy.

This is not an advice blog. The more I learn and come to understand more about the world, the more I realize I don't know that much. :) What works for me and my family may or may not work for yours and THAT'S OK.

This is not a "lifestyle" blog. I don't even know what that means.

This is not just a homeschooling blog, although that comes up a lot. We use the Charlotte Mason philosophy to homeschool and I love it, love it, love it.

I'm just a{nother} mama with a blog. I enjoy the blogging community and I've come to find that I enjoy writing. I hope you poke around a bit and leave a comment or two! :)

More about me:
My husband and I have been together since 2000, were married in 2005. Our marriage isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn great. We live in a tiny town (pop. 700!) in Southern Wisconsin and it suits us well.

We have 3 (going on 4!) children; we are very blessed!

A few other random things about me you didn't want to know:
  • I'm an ENFJ and an Enneagram Type 7. I'm married to an INTP and Enneagram Type 4. Do you know what personality type you are? I think everyone should know what type they are and learn a little about the other types. It has been INFINITELY helpful in my own life and, most importantly, my marriage.
  • I enjoy music, knitting, reading and blogging, when I have the time.
  • I really love Jesus. He's saved me from myself more times than I can count and continues to work on me daily. I do not deserve the life I have. The Lord has been so good to us.
If you'd like to know a little lot about me, you can read my story here. <--updating. Stay tuned!

If you'd like to contact me, email me at {sillyrednewby AT gmail}.
Thanks for stopping by! (I appreciate all comments--I know you're busy and it takes time to do that, so thank you!)

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  1. Enjoying poking around your blog and look forward to following along!


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