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Preventing Grace Podcast - You guys. My dear friend, Amy, pointed me to this podcast and I'm so glad! It's really informative (Anne and her husband, Matt, are both Anglican pastors? priests? which is it!?) and sometimes they're just plain HILARIOUS. For reals. I laugh out loud when listening to this duo chat about...whatever.

They also really remind me of me and my husband-the way they communicate anyway. Maybe that's why I love them so much?

(side note: I belong to a Pentecostal church and love it, but I kind of want to be an Anglican when I grow up.)

Anne has a blog too. You don't want to miss that! If you're looking for some snark mixed with theology, that is.

James MacDonald Podcast - MacDonald is a no-nonsense preacher and I love his messages. I learn so much and am convicted and spurred on in my Christian walk. Great, great stuff.

The Lazy Genius Podcast - Kendra really *is* a genius. I can't tell you how many helpful tips I've received from listening to her podcast and reading her blog. Love. Her. (she, too, is hilarious)

Here's a great post from Kendra's blog - How to Survive Dinnertime Panic

And if you're not reading Matt Moore's blog, you are MISSING OUT. So much Truth there, guys. This post on happiness is so good.

Running in Circles blog - Lindsey's sense of humor is the best! (are you noticing a theme here? #ilovefunnypeople ) I love her take on mothering, among other things. Check out this post on what to watch this summer. And this Daniel Tiger post KILLS ME.

And Mystie Winckler is starting a new course - Sweep & Smile! Click the picture below to sign up! :) Today is the last day to sign up!

Six-Week Smile & Sweep Study - June 9-July 21, 2017

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