Glimpses & Snippets, May 20, 2017 Edition

It's been over a month since I started this post... if that gives you any idea how full my life is right now! :D 

Hello, friends!

I have to apologize this is not a well-written post; I'm running on little sleep. ;o) That's why the good Lord invented Bullet Points.

  • We are thoroughly enjoying Baby #4 'round here. Overall, she's a great baby--no colic here, folks! Praise God! All of the kids absolutely adore her. As do her Mama and Daddy.  I think that's one of the great things about having several children--the bond between them all. (They fight too, of course, but you know what I mean.)
  • I can not believe how quickly these first few months have gone. Cliche, I know, but it's so true! I finally (after 4 children) don't feel guilty for just sitting and holding her. I know it won't last and the dishes can wait. 
  • I also can't believe how quickly my days go by. They are so... FULL. Taking care of 4 little ones is no small task! Of course, Oldest is pretty independent, but not that much! So many days I stumble into bed thinking, "What did I even DO today?" The answer? Took care of 4 human beings. :)

  • School's really been hit or miss. We had a week or two of full(ish) days, then we kind of hit a wall. Babyist takes a lot of time (see above!). It's funny how quickly one forgets these things. 
  • I've started looking at next year's book list. We've taken roughly 3 months off so we should be able to get caught up this summer, hopefully by the start of the new school year this fall. Should is the operative word here.

  • I've been reading a lot because late night feedings. I've been reading a lot of novels because I just don't have the brainpower for the heavy stuff right now. That said, I'm in the middle of Beyond Opinion, which is a great book on apologetics. (Are you friends with me on Goodreads yet??)
  • I've been thinking about the importance of theology lately. In the church that I grew up in the emphasis was more "get people saved" (which is a good thing, of course) but not so much "what do we do with them afterwards?" The first real taste I had of Biblical teaching or discipling, if you will, was at a church I attended as a young 20 something. I'm thirsty for more! Of course, I try to read books on theology (see above!), but I'm hoping I can be involved in a home study (our home?) sooner than later to hash out ideas with other fellow Christians. :)
That's all I've got for now--if I don't post it now, I never will! 


  1. Hi friend! It's April (threeoaksacademy from IG). Totally identified with your bullet point about theology. Can I ask what your church background is? I was raised Southern Baptist and that was definitely my experience (not to knock all Southern Baptists--I actually gather that a lot of Baptists have recognized this as an issue and have worked to make it better. I don't agree with all Baptist beliefs anymore but I love my Baptist homies.) We attend a Lutheran church. I love reading about theology but like you, don't have the brain cells for it most of the time. :p Any particular books you're hoping to read?

    1. Hey you! :) We weren't Southern Baptists, just plain Baptists? I think? Our church was called "Bible Baptist." I'm the same--don't agree with some stuff COUGHlegalismCOUGH, but I know their intentions are good. We now belong to a Pentecostal church and LOVE it. Although, sometimes I think I would appreciate a more liturgical church like Anglican. (I'm all over the place, I know!) I do love our church though.

      I'd love to hear why you switched to Lutheran! Email me! sillyrednewby AT gmail.

      I don't have any books in mind. But I have been listening to a few good podcasts--Preventing Grace (they're Anglican ministers (priests? pastors??? I have no idea) and they're SO FUNNY and interesting (they're married). I also love James MacDonald from Vertical Church in Chicago - great Biblical teachings! What about you? :)

  2. Loved your update, girl! :) Hug the four little humans for me. :)

    1. Thank you, DAHILNG! Love you!

  3. Missed reading your posts Catie! So glad to hear baby #4 has been easy! Praise God is right! Looking forward to more posts soon. Cuddle that baby and don't give the dishes a second thought!! Catherine in KS

    1. Catherine! Hello! :) Nice to hear from you!!

      Do you have a blog yet???? :D Or Instagram? Anything??? :D It's ok if not. I really don't have the time either! LOL

      God bless you, lady! I appreciate your comments. <3


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