Glimpses and Snippets: Feb 20, 2017 (Sleep Update!)

Here's what we've been up to lately!

-- I told you in this post how we'd been having some troubles with sleep for the past 6 years or so.


But I'm happy to report that since moving the girls upstairs, we've seen a HUGE improvement! With the exception of a few nights, Middlest has been sleeping all through the night! Hooray! :)

We're still using melatonin to help with getting to sleep at night, but our goal is to wean her off of that...eventually. For now, the peace it's brought us at bedtime is well worth it. ;) 

I'm not sure how the new sleeping arrangement will go once Babiest is here, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Goofy kids.

-- Oh my gosh, you guys. So this pregnancy has not been a walk in the park...BUT I have been sick with coughing and laryngitis for almost a month! Which, I'm sure, has been a huge blessing to my family. The pregnancy, by itself, doesn't seem so bad anymore. HA!

I'm thankful though, that we're getting it out of the way before Baby #4 makes her grand appearance. :)

-- Because of said cold and laryngitis, we haven't done much school in the past month. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it, even though the baby is due in a few weeks (due date is March 8) and I'm feeling a little pressure to do as much as I can before she comes! But I know it's just life and all will be well. We've been doing other things like playing games, watching "educational" shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, listening to audio books and watching more TV.

Playing "Mastermind"- a really fun game! 

-- Speaking of Baby #4, we finally have a name picked out! But we're keeping it a secret this time. Sorry to tease you! ;)


 At least someone is getting use out of the treadmill. 

-- I've knitted a few things recently as gifts: a hat for Mr. N, Berets for both girls (per their request), and hand warmers for Oldest. And soon-to-be hand warmers for Mr. N and Middlest. I'm hoping to keep it up! I don't usually knit too much all year--I save it for the colder months, but I'd love to be able to finish at least one project a month to give as Christmas gifts. Instead of trying to knit 20 things in the 6 weeks before Christmas.
 Handwarmer pattern, courtesy of my friend, Linda. :)

Littlest modeling his sister's Beret. Such a serious child, this one.


-- Bullet Journaling is all the rage right now. I love looking at them and seeing how others are using them, but I just can't see myself using one. I feel like the odd man out. They're just too wide open. Staring at a blank page every day/week/month would be paralyzing! I'd go crazy with decision fatigue! That's why I love my planner - see above. It's already formatted for me, by me, thankyouverymuch, and I don't have to reinvent the wheel every week. (I'm happy to share it, btw. Email me or leave a comment if you're interested!)

-- I posted on Instagram that I've been craving ice like crazy and I was surprised to see several people mention that it could be an iron deficiency! Which would make sense. I've been just. so. tired. lately and I don't think it's *that* normal. I'm definitely going to get my iron checked at my next appointment.

-- My list of things to do before Baby comes:
  • finish washing all baby clothes and paraphernalia
  • pack hospital bag
  • pack diaper bag
  • finish our School-After-Baby schedules
 I haven't nested too much yet--been so tired! (see above) But I'm hoping that will kick in soon so I can clean a few things 'round here!

-- Here are more pics from Instagram (are we friends there yet?):



What have YOU been up to lately? :)