Our Circle Time Binders (My first vlog!)

I love reading what others are doing in Circle Time/Morning Time. I get so many great ideas from those that have shared their selections. I hope you get a few ideas here as well.

Instead of writing a super long and confusing post with a thousand pictures, I thought I'd try a video. I think it went well! My first vlog! EEK! 

A few things about this video.
  • It was fun to make and SO MUCH EASIER than typing it all out. I can see a future for me in vlogging! Maybe.
  • My voice sounds super nasily. (Is that how I really sound?!) 
  • I also really sound like a Yooper. #heyyadontchaknow
  • I have fat, pregnancy fingers. #sausagefingers 
  • I pause a lot to think of hard words like, "section" and "plastic sleeve."I'm blaming the pregnancy again.
  • I say, "I'll talk to you later" at the end, but the truth is I might not actually talk to you later. Sorry about that.
  • My 3 year old also has his own binder. His has a lot of the same things in it, but I need to make him a complete one, because every morning he wants to be on the SAME EXACT PAGE as the rest of us and he gets frustrated when he can't find it! :) 
  • When I watched this video on my blog is was very blurry--sorry about that!! Hopefully you can still get an idea of how the binder is organized. :(

I forgot to explain a couple of things:
  • Before the school year starts, I make a chart (again, thanks Mystie for the inspiration!) with the entire year's CT work on it like this: (click on it to enlarge).
  • We don't know ahead of time the Shakespeare passages because that is a part of our CM group, Excelsior Guild and one of the other moms picks a play out each term. And I have an "Other" section in case I think of anything else later. 
  • In the video I couldn't remember how many passages we memorize each year and it's 6; 2 per term. Our CM community meets once a month so we do 1 hymn and 1 folksong each month all year. 
  • IF we don't have something memorized after 6 weeks, I play it by ear. If it's a poem, I move it to the review section anyway, but things like the Apostle's Creed, we'll work on till we've got it down. If we've memorized something earlier than planned, I move it to review.
  • I made all the printables myself. Yes, it takes forever a while, but I enjoy it. I love finding the poems and pictures to go with them. :) Call me crazy! (I'm happy to share any, btw)
  • Instead of having a "Daily, Even, Odd and 1-31 days" tabs like the Simply Charlotte Mason memory system, (I started out that way) I've done a "Daily" and each section (Passages, Poems, Bible, etc) tab. This takes much less time to go through and isn't as tedious.And honestly, we don't need that much review--once every week or so is enough!
Here's a close up of our Circle Time schedule:

Here's a link to my calendar printables: (let me know if the links don't work)

Links to resources mentioned:
And resources I use but were not mentioned:
If you have any questions, please ask!

What are your favorite resources for your memory work/Circle Times?

And here's a preview of my calendar.

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  1. Awesome! I'm totally revamping now. The video was helpful. Are you using iew poem curriculum. We had been using folders, but I like the overall entire year binder idea. Thanks!! Whats the guild group.... And are your poetry pages and passages printables you've made as well?

    1. Hey Elise! :) The poems I use are either from our books at home or the memory work lists I mentioned above. :) I just pick ones I like. I know Mystie lets her kids pick their own poems when they're a bit older (4th grade or so?) and I'll prob do that too to give them some ownership.

      Excelsior Guild is our once a month homeschool group. :)

      I make all of my printables! I actually enjoy it! Cray cray, I know. If you want me to send you some, I sure can!

      (Off to check out your blog!...)

  2. This was really helpful, Catie. Thank you for sharing! We haven't been doing an "official" circle time, but I had originally intended to. I think it's because I haven't taken the time to organize it all. But now I know what I'm going to be working on this weekend!

    1. Hello Angela! :) It *does* take a while that first time you set up the binders. Put some music on or a podcast and brew some coffee! HA! :P

      I'm hoping to get a list of all of my poems and passages in the form of PDFs here on my blog, but who KNOWS when that will happen. I'd be happy to send you some via email, though. Unless, like me, you enjoy making them on your own. Lemme know!

      Are you on Instagram, btw? I added an "Angela Wilhite" on there, but I'm not sure if it's you!

  3. Catie, this is really nice!!! I think I might need to do something like this, because I feel like I'm not reviewing old things which we love enough. I appreciate your video and all the interesting tidbits and links! :D

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