Nature Walk September 2016

I've mentioned this before on my blog, but we live near some really beautiful hiking trails and state parks. About a month ago (takes me forever to post here!) we took the kids on one of these beautiful trails. :) It's about 20min from our house.

 Buddies :)

 I really love these kids. 
See the cool root system behind them? :)

 SO many fabulous mushrooms!!!

 I can not believe how athletic this girl is! Doesn't get it from me or her father! She can literally climb a pole. Or at least a tree that is very pole-like. :o)
 I tried so hard with my phone, to get a good picture of this plant. I had no idea what it was--just thought it was pretty! And such a bright, cheery orange!

We're reading "Fall Is Here" during our Circle Time right now, and in that book, weeks after our hike, we learned that the above orange flower is called a Touch Me Not (or Jewelweed) and according to the book, if you touch Jewelweed, it will actually shoot out its seeds! So cool! #connections

We've been meaning to go back to the trail and see if it works. :)

Do you love her outfit or what?! :)

 Love that man. <3 #nexttimeheshouldcarryme

We only have a few more nice days coming here in good ole' Wisco. This Mama HATES the cold. I'm hoping we can make the most of them!


  1. Love this post!!! :D So many neat and interesting things you saw...that weird twisty mushroom or whatever!?! Jewelweed is so neat! Someone actually gave me a bug spray or anti-itch spray one time made from it! Did you borrow Fall is Here or buy it? I have it, if you need it longer. Love ya!

    1. I'll have to look up the jewelweed spray! Who knew?! :)

  2. So many interesting things to notice and learn about! Thanks for sharing this hike with us.

  3. Charming book! :) I didn't know that about jewelweed but will have to pay closer attention to it in the future. It isn't in bloom here in fall and there isn't much of it around, but we found a patch of it a couple years ago (a different variety than you have here, but definitely in the same family) and always visit it in summer.


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