Brain Dump Post! (aka Glimpses and Snippets)

Sorry if the title misled you. This is not a post about Mystie's wonderful Brain Dump Guide. This is literally going to be a brain dump. (You should totally read her Brain Dump Guide, though. You won't be disappointed!)

- My toenail fell off a few weeks ago!! Yes, you read that right. My. toenail. fell. off. (WARNING: PICTURE BELOW) Apparently, it's a thing with "runners." Which, by the way, I'm LOVING that I can officially call myself a Runner now. Ahem.

- I'm preparing (mostly mentally--I haven't made any packing lists yet.) for the Living Education Retreat in 2 days! WOOHOO! So excited. I'll be driving with a friend--6 hours--to Iowa to learn more about the Charlotte Mason philosophy and hopefully get a little rest too. 

- My To Read list is ridiculous right now. (Thanks a lot, WSIRN!) I have 6 books sitting on my nightstand to read and the only problem with that is I really need to start pre-reading my soon-to-be-Year-3's student's books! (This post at Afterthoughts is excellent on why you should pre-read)

I want to get through Nurture by Nature, a few books about Hymns (that's my area for our CM co-op) and possibly For the Children's Sake before school starts the second week of August. I must stop with the novels! It's so hard. #firstworldproblems

- After LER (see above), I'm going to really start my school planning. Which I'm looking forward to! Planning is the best part! #doingitisthehardpart

Have you seen Mystie's Homeschool Audit yet?? You guys. Mystie is my favorite.

- I have at least 3 not quite finished posts waiting in my drafts; I'm hoping I can finish them up and hit PUBLISH soon! I do love blogging. :)

- We have 3 birthdays this coming week. Mr. N's is the 8th, Middlest's is the 11th and Oldest's is the 12th. Let them eat cake! (Unfortunately, I'll be gone for Mr. N's at LER. Sorry, honey!)

- June was kinda crazy for me. I worked every weekend (Thur, Fri & Sat) and between that, trying desperately to finish up school (still not there yet), decluttering my house (not even close to done) and just keeping up with the kiddos (almost impossible)--I'm ready for a lightly-scheduled July! :)

And now, for a slew of pictures of what we've been up to:

 This guy CRACKS ME UP.

 We live near Wisconsin Dells and my mom and her beau took us to the Tommy Bartlett show! Thanks, mom!

 Meeting friends at swim lessons...
 We live very near an old train station and took a ride with friends...

 My monkeys. :)

 I TOLD you I lost a toenail!!! ACK! GROSS!

 My by-the-pool reading buddy... :)

 Middlest with her morning cuppa

 I've been friends with this girl since the age of 14 (I'll be 36 next month, you do the math) and her mom owns a nanny business. I worked a few days for her in June. This is us, hard at work...

We've made it to a local water park a few times already! Hooray for living close to a tourist trap!

Once in a while, I get to work a shift with one of my besties... :)

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