Book Review - The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver

The Post-Birthday WorldThe Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver
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First, I want to say that when I give a negative review, my goal is not to hurt anyone's feelings! I love what Anne Bogel (Modern Mrs. Darcy - in case you've been living under a rock), who's actually quoting someone else, says about what our options are to think about books we've read, “For an adult reader, the possible verdicts are five: I can see this is good and I like it; I can see this is good but I don’t like it; I can see this is good, and, though at present I don’t like it, I believe with perseverance I shall come to like it; I can see that this is trash but I like it; I can see that this is trash and I don’t like it.”

For me, this one fell under "I can see that this is good {writing} and I don't like it."

I should tell you, for the first half of the book, I thought a man had written it. Several reasons, 1. The author's first name is Lionel, 2. In the profile picture, she sort of looks...androgynous? 3. the f-bomb is used to describe coitus. A LOT. :/

So, back to my review. I did like her style of writing. I really did! And even the premise was great--each chapter switches from one story line based on her actually kissing someone to the other story line which is if she hadn't kissed that person. Sounds interesting, eh? I thought so, too!

What I didn't expect (or appreciate) is the lack of a redemptive quality, too much vulgarity(!) and crassness and I didn't really like any of the characters. And I love me some flawed characters! And I didn't feel like I "learned" anything. It was kind of like watching a train wreck. Some scenes made cringe, which would have been fine, had there been a light at the end of the tunnel!

There wasn't.

It did force me to examine my own marriage and life, but not in the (good) way other books have. I guess that would be it's one redeeming quality.

I'd skip this one.

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