Glimpses and Snippets

My poor, neglected blog. I go back and forth on whether or not I should keep blogging--it can easily become another thing I "have" to do. But then I think, I *don't* have to do it. It's supposed to be fun! Lighten up, Catie!

So here I am again with a random post!

 On a nature walk at a local state park.

:-: A lot of homeschoolers are finishing up their school year around this time. We take a more year-roundish approach. We start the second week in August, and do a "6 weeks on, 1 week off" schedule. We also take a lot of December off. So we still have about 6 weeks or so left. I might stretch it out and do shorter days, now that the weather is so nice. The kids should really be outside as much as possible after a long Wisconsin winter! I need to remember to stay flexible and not get stressed about not finishing "on time."

I'm also going to try and be intentional about Summer Plans. Have you seen Pam Barnhill's Summer Planning kit?

:-:  The past few days weeks have been rough 'round here. Like, put me in tears a few times. And believe you me! It takes a lot to bring me to tears. I've come a long way in terms of anger, but I still have a long way to go! And my kids seem to be testing me lately. ;o)

A few years (or less?) ago I would've let that really bring me down. You're failing, Catie! You can do better--why don't you? You're never going to get it right! 

I recently listened to this podcast, Your Thought Closet Makeover, and I really took it to heart; instead of doing what I always do--beating myself up for failing, I've been trying to ask myself, "What is the Truth in this situation? What does the Bible say about me?" I can honestly, that it has really helped me to not dwell on the negative and that helps me to move forward and grow!

:-: I ran in my very first 5K about a month ago (April 9th) and had so much fun! Unfortunately, though, I've been suffering from pretty bad tendonitis since then. Only this week, have I slowly started running again. There's another 5K in a month and I'm really hoping I'm feeling 100% by then! Pray for me! I really enjoy running and hope I can keep up with it.

 My friends, Amy and Becca. We all finished at around 30-35 minutes! (I ran in 33:35)

My family was there to support me! In TWENTY FIVE DEGREE weather!!!

 See me in the blue? :)

:-: I'm still feeling very overwhelmed by my schedule. Mr. N gave me some good advice back in March and told me to just "take the month off." So I tried to clear my schedule as much as I could to see what I missed the most and what I could maybe get rid of. It was nice to have the month off (except for work once a week and worship practice twice a week.) but I still have no idea what to get rid of! I'm still praying and know God will tell me when it's time. :) I'm a little stressed though!

:-: Mother's Day was very nice. The girls (and Daddy) made me a card then we had lunch after church with friends and my mom. Very nice, indeed!

 My Mother's Day card

I'm so blessed!

Hope you're all well! What's new with you?