Things that are saving my life right now

Anne Bogel (Modern Mrs. Darcy) writes about Things That Are Saving Her Life. Well, here are things that are saving my life right now.

1. Audible I'm not able to sit and read much these days, so audiobooks are a God-send. I can't not read so listening to a great (or not so great) book is the best way to pass the time while cleaning or doing the daily mundane tasks.

2. Mystie Winckler. She is a genius! I'm planning on writing a post about her Work the Plan course, but until then, just know that you have to take it! (or the Simplified Organization course, if you're in dire straits!) The thing I love about her Scopes, blog posts, books and courses is that she makes organizing and planning so doable!

Work the Plan Video Training

She's a homeschooling mom of 5 and she knows what goes on in other homeschooling moms' lives. She's realistic. She doesn't make you feel like your house should look like one in a magazine. She knows plans go awry. She knows our To Do lists might not ever get done. But she still helps you have a plan! She's one of my heros. (I have several.) One of my favorites is this podcast, Organizing is Like Laundry.

Even if you think you're not organized (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!), Mystie can help!

3. Delectable Education podcasts. I'm sure you've all heard of these, but if you're a Charlotte Mason homeschooler and have not yet listened to this podcast (because you're living under a rock), drop what you're doing and go listen. I'll wait. 

Aren't they amazing? I think so too.

4. Leah Boden. Another wonderful breath of fresh air in the CM community! She, too, is real and is also a whole-hearted CMer. Her Periscopes are awesome!

5. The What Should I Read Next podcast. It's my new favorite. I can't WAIT until the new one comes out each week! I feel giddy when I see the notification pop up on my phone!

5. My support system. (Read: husband and friends) I'm so blessed to have such a great husband and friends who encourage and support me. The Lord uses them to speak Truth into my life and I'm so thankful!

6. Instagram. I mentioned that I left facebook a long time ago (in full disclosure, I'm back on, but I don't have ANY friends--I use it strictly to follow homeschool blogs and a few other pages. But I refuse to get involved "socially" on facebook!) That said, I'm not sure why I like Instagram so much? But I do! Maybe it's because it's a little more "quiet"? It's mostly just pictures--not too much chatter. I don't know. All I know is, I like it. :)

7. Periscope. Oh man. I'm relatively new to Smart Phones and I don't even know how I survived without it? ;) (just fine, thankyouverymuch.) But for reals. I heart Periscope!

8. My kids. Maybe it's because a close friend's 7 year old daughter is fighting a mean cancer right now, or maybe it's because I'm getting the baby-itch again, or maybe I'm just growing in this area, but I am so thankful for my kids right now. Don't misunderstand! Life isn't a bowl of peaches every day! But my kids are pretty great and my life wouldn't be the same without them. They make me smile more often than not and bring so much joy to my life. :) 




What's saving your life right now?

This post contains affiliate links. I've yet to make any money doing this, but I keep trying! HA! :D


  1. BHAHAHAHAHAHA. ;) Ok, ok. ;) I'll take a look for 1 minute. 60 seconds, mind you. ;) I love this post! (FYI- I can't see those last photos??? Big circle with minus sign in them?) What is saving me right now is: the Bible, specifically Psalms and NT...I'm not saying it tongue in cheek, or holier than thou either...right now it's MORE of a lifeline to me than normal, kwim? Also hubby and the kids...the dream of Hearth Ridge <3 and spring coming, the weather warmer up. Sigh. Books, all the lovely books...take me away, Dear Books. Yes, friends. YOU. I love the podcasts/periscopes too, especially that talk books. Alison Bravenec's are my favorite, right now. I liked Alicia Hutchison's too...you told me about those! Hilda Manriquez is sweet, although they are LONG. Just little bits of beauty...like the smell of oranges today when P & E were peeling them, roses from dh, B "reading" magazines with me, new Taproot in the mail...little stuff. Anyway...love you. Hope you got a little down time today. Ames

    1. CRIPES! I wonder why you can't see the pics??? Arg.

      Ah! Yes! The weather warming up! I should've added that, too!

      I also forgot to add that I'm going to LER! Something fun to look forward to!

  2. Love those podcasts, too :) I also like Sally Clarkson's podcast, just such an encouragement and a way to get my mind back in the right place if I'm feeling discouraged.

    Okay so I have some audible credits to use (free trial, I haven't subscribed officially), what would you recommend? I want to use them on good, rich books that are worth listening to more than once. For some reason I just don't want to use a credit on a book that I'll listen to and never listen again! So do you have any suggestions of great books - make you think books - that are wonderfully narrated? No pressure, LOL!

    (And I could see your pics the first time I read this post, but now that I've come back to comment, they're as Amy described.)

  3. I love Mystie too - her focus and insight is so amazing. I'm very thankful for her. I'm really enjoying both the podcasts you mentioned too - A Delectable Education and What Should I Read Next?. Do you listen to Read Aloud Revival and Your Morning Basket? Those are my other two faves. Oh, and Schole Sisters. You familiar?

    It sounds like we're on a similar track in life. :) Happy mostly-spring!


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