Books Read in 2015

Disclaimer: This is VERY LONG. I'm sorry. You don't have to read it all. No one will know the difference.

I pretty much only read before bed these days (something I'm going to remedy this year!) so I didn't read as much I'd like. I read 46 books in 2015. In 2014 I read 54. I'm trying to be more picky about the books I read and savor them more; I can't do that and read much more than a book a week-ish. I'm pretty sure I'll spend the first hundred years or so in Heaven catching up on my reading.

We do read a lot of school books together too: George Washington, Understood Betsy, Wind in the Willows, etc.Those aren't included in my 46. 

The 46 are just mine. MY OWN.

I really wanted to participate in the Classics Challenge, but I only finished ONE - North and South. I started The Moonstone and The Problem of Pain but have yet to finish them. I started a lot of books. And I checked out a lot of books, but alas! I did not finish them all.

I tend to read several books at once (something I've never done until the last few years) because I love being able to read a book based on my mood. Do I want a fluffy book? Or something that will really make me think? Or maybe a book to encourage me as a mom? I love having a choice. 

The only problem with that mentality is I end up reading TOO many books at once, and many of them don't get finished. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to only have 4 (or 5?) going at once: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Parenting, and Book Study (Club) book. I'm not sure how this will go since I'm in several book studies throughout the year, but I have to set some sort of limit for myself! :)

(links are to my Goodreads review unless otherwise indicated)


I had two favorite books this year: Miss Buncle's Book and Peace Like a River

Buncle's Book was one of the funniest and most clever books I've read. Ever. I loved this book. (by the way, if anyone wants to by me a present, this would do just fine.) 

It's about a woman who needs money so she decides to write a book. She doesn't think she's very creative so she writes a book about something she knows - her town. She doesn't expect it do well, but it ends up selling like hot cakes! The problem arises when the people of the town realize the book is about them. And some of them don't like how they're (honestly) painted. Thankfully, Buncle had written it under a pseudonym so they don't know that she wrote it, but they do know that someone that knows them well wrote it. It is hilarious to watch them try to figure out who it is! Just read it, people. You won't be sorry. (Thanks for the recommendation, Ames!)

Peace Like a River is the most beautiful story. It's beauty, though, is found in the unexpected. It was the first book to make me cry in a long, long time. It really spoke to me about God's love and plans for us. I don't really want to tell you much about it, you just have to read it. :)

Other favorites from the year: Understood Betsy (I read this to Oldest as part of our school curriculum and we more than loved it. It was Christmas present to her--we loved it that much.)


Least favorite was The Actor and the Housewife. Ugh. Sorry Ms. Hale, you're a great writer (very funny!), but I wasn't sold on the Mormon-housewife's-best-friend-is-an-actor-and-we're-just-friends thing.

Exceeded my expectations: Caught Up in a Story - This is a book about why reading to our kids is so important and Sarah Clarkson BLEW ME AWAY with her insight on what reading does for a child (person). LOVED it and highly recommend it to everyone!

Most UNDERwhelming: North and South - I've seen the movie so many times (and absolutely adore it) and it seemed like the movie didn't stray from the book that much. So there was nothing new to me in the book and I found it kind of, well....boring. And THEY DIDN'T EVEN KISS AT THE END. Not that I'm bitter about it or anything. What can I say? I'm a romantic at heart.

Most Changed the Way I Think: The Lost World of Genesis One


Most Informative: The Solution (strangely enough, Goodreads tells me that only ELEVEN other people read that book!) - it's a book about vaccine alternatives (we don't vaccinate.) and it was really informative. 

Devotionals/Bible and Book Studies:
Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson
They Shall Expel Demons by Derek Prince (haven't finished this one yet)
My Utmost for His Highest
Children of the Day by Beth Moore
The Cloud of Witness
Parents and Children by Charlotte Mason
A Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason

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  1. Well I DID read your whole post and enjoyed it!! I started Miss Buncle's Book (per your suggestion) last year, but abandoned it about halfway through. Not because I didn't like it...I abandoned a BUNCH of books last year...pregnancy, newborn in the NICU, newborn at home, and yada yada yada, I was too tired to read. I would like to finish it, though (along with the other like 17 books I never finished).

    Peace Like a River is on my tbr list. I'd like to read North and South, I haven't read anything Gaskell. I'd like to read Own Your Life, I like Sally Clarkson (I'm reading Desperate right now), but I don't want to buy it and our library doesn't have it. I think I'm going to request that they purchase her new book that's about to come out. I just picked up My Utmost for His Highest at a used bookstore recently. And I've started CM's volume 6...need to keep plugging away. Ahhhh, my book list is never ending!!

    I will eventually friend you on Goodreads, once I play around on there (I just signed up). Good to hear from you again! (I haven't blogged in over a month either, just busy times around here.)

    1. Yes! Please 'friend' me on Goodreads! :) How's your new little pumpkin doing?

      I'm not sure if I'll EVERY get through all of Mason's books! I hope so!

      If you read North and South, I'd love to know what you think!

  2. The Solution! Interesting, isn't it? I'm in the process of reading through Dr. Golden's book -- which is quoted a lot in The Solution, if I'm remembering correctly. It's basically his doctoral dissertation on homeoprophylaxis, and the research seems solid enough that I think we're going to pursue that route. Anyhow, fun to find someone else who's reading in this area. :) ♥

    1. It was *so* interesting! :) I'm so glad you recommended it, Brandy! Honestly, I wouldn't even know how to begin the homeoprophylaxis... does your husband do that sort of thing? One thing that concerns me is chicken pox--no one gets it anymore!

  3. Loved reading through this, dearie! :)

    1. Loved reading yours as well! BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Peace Like a River was one of my favourites of the year, too. I'm heading over right now to make friends with you on Goodreads.

  5. Love this list! I'm adding your top three to my TBR list right now-- they look delightful!


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