Fits and Starts

One takes a whole life,--
sees what course it makes
Mainly, and not by fits and starts--
In spite of stoppage,--which impart
Fresh value to the general speed.
~Browning, The Cloud of Witness

(Reminds me of the post I wrote here.)

I've experienced some "fits and starts" lately, and I can choose to get discouraged or I can learn and allow them to bring "fresh value to my speed."

It *is* true that these fits and starts bring fresh value to our speed, isn't it? Or at least, they should. When the fog of a "fit" lifts, things become so clear. After this clearing, I can sprint for a while because the Lord is always faithful to remind me what the *real* goals are in this life.

The real goal in homeschooling--
The real goal in relationships--
The real goal in my "doings"--

--to glorify God! To know Christ and make Him known--to my children, in my relationships, in my "doings."

I love the idea that I can judge myself based on the "main course my whole life takes." I don't have to judge myself on the fits and starts. Am I, in general, seeking to live for Christ? Yes and yes!! Do I fail sometimes? Yes, but I am still headed in the right direction if I keep my eyes on the goal. There is much comfort in that.

This also reminds me of Pilgrim's Progress. (We're listening to this FREE audio version. We were having a bit of trouble with just reading the book, but listening to it has helped so much!) We're at the part in the book when Pliable has just led Christian astray. Thankfully, Evangelist comes along and reminds Christian to "keep his eyes on the light!"


In honor of Thanksgiving, here are a few things I'm thankful for:

  • our cozy, but messy, home. proof that we live here!
  • our family's health
  • never having to go without anything--food, heat, clothing, etc.
  • Christmas movies 
  • good, delicious books (we are almost finished with Understood Betsy *sigh* and we just started Wind in the Willows. eek!)
  • friends, in real life and online
  • homeschooling
  • a husband who makes almost our ENTIRE Thanksgiving dinner!
  • new jobs! (my husband FINALLY got a new job after 6-7 years of looking! Thank you, Lord!
  • oven pancakes for breakfast (thanks for the recipe, Angela! we eat it once a week!) 
  • knitted gifts 
  • rambunctious, sweet little boys
  • big sisters, learning and growing
  • and many, many more gifts...
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :) God bless you and yours!


  1. Great post, Catie!!! Good food for thought! I'm thankful for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "When the fog of a "fit" lifts, things become so clear. After this clearing, I can sprint for a while because the Lord is always faithful to remind me what the *real* goals are in this life." So true!

    Lol, glad to hear you still make the oven pancakes! Aren't they soooo simple?

    I've seen references to "The Cloud of Witness" here and there. Are you enjoying it? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!


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