Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Are you comfortable with silence? If you're home alone, do you like silence or do you need regular background noise? Do you seek out times and places to be silent? What's your favorite place to find silence/be silent?

I'm comfortable with silence, but it depends on what I'm doing on whether or not I want silence. In my morning Quiet Time, I *love* silence and need it! But during the day, if I'm busy cleaning or something, I almost always have music playing. Everything is better with music. :) 

And I don't *seek* out silence. I'm an extrovert through-and-through and I love being with my people! (and new people!) So, if I have the choice of a quiet evening at home or a night out (or in) with my friends (or family), I'll always choose the latter! 

2. October 28th is National Chocolate Day. Can't let that go by without a mention now, can we? Will you celebrate? How? Let's say you can have one of the following right this very minute...a cup of hot chocolate, a strawberry dipped in chocolate, a bowl of plain chocolate ice cream, or a slice of chocolate pie...what's  your pleasure?

I'm not a big chocolate eater. I much prefer candy--Nerds, Lemonheads, Skittles, etc. My choice of chocolate would be chocolate pie. 

3. How do you feel about blue jeans? Favorite thing in the world to wear or nope, don't own a single pair? How often do you wear blue jeans in a typical week? Do you own a blue jean jacket?

I love blue jeans--wear them everyday. (even on Sundays sometimes!) I *do* own a blue jean jacket, but I hardly ever wear it--since I always wear blue jeans, I'm never sure how to wear a jean jacket!?  I feel like J-Lo if I wear both...

4. Are you superstitious? If so, in what way?

I'm not superstitious at all. In fact, at work, I'll say, "I hope we're busy tonight." and someone will say,"Don't say that! Now we won't be!" Drives me nuts. Although I will say, that the Lord has been teaching me that there *are* more to our words than I realize. I'm a work in progress. :)

5. If you had to come up with a costume using only things you have on hand right now, what could you come up with?

Hmm... I have no idea. I would love a reason to dress up though! (we don't really celebrate Halloween. :) )

6. What scares you a little? What do you do when you feel scared?

I get a little scared when my husband takes all the back-roads to work in the winter. Seriously! One time last winter, he went in to work at 4am and GOT STUCK on a back road and instead of calling for help, he DUG HIMSELF OUT of several feet of snow--which took hours! When he got home, he was literally shivering and coughing up a storm. I was not happy. He's a stubborn man, that one. :) 

When I feel scared, I pray.

7. Perhaps today will be the day I _____________________.

Hopefully I'm able to get all of my grocery shopping done with 3 kids in tow. :)  


8. Insert your own random thought here:

One thing I love about homeschooling is that my girls now beg to play together since they don't get to in the mornings. :) 

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  1. Well, what in the world are you supposed to wear with a blue jean jacket anyway???

    1. I know, right?!

      And he wasn't literally coughing up a storm...just shivering. Lol

  2. J-Lo!!! LOL! :D The shopping with three kids...*pulls out hair* , I remember those days. :)

    1. It's true! I have no idea how to wear a jean jacket. sigh.

      I actually *did* get most of my shopping done! Woohoo!


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