The Dry Seasons

"We need Thee more than tongue can speak
'Mid foes that well might cast us down;
But thousands once as young and weak,
Have fought the fight and won the crown;
We ask the help that bore them through,
We trust the Faithful and the True
-  by Bright, taken from The Cloud of Witness p.503

I'm in a spiritual dry season right now. I feel like God is farther away than usual and my prayers are just hitting the ceiling. I feel like my desire for closeness with Him isn't where it needs to be (even though my head tells me to keep pressing on.)

My tendency is to think, "What am I doing wrong, God?" But speaking for myself presently, I know the Lord is revealing to me that I need these times of 'dryness.'

While I haven't felt as close to God as I'd like lately, He has still been faithful to show me the roots of some sin in my life and is allowing me time to work through them. You've heard the saying, "If we feel distant from God, then we're the ones that moved"? And mostly, I agree. But I wonder if sometimes the distance is needed and not necessarily a by-product of our bad choice; otherwise how would we see our need for Him? How would we learn to work through our junk (or Mud, as Jacque refers to it. Check out that podcast, you guys!!!!!) and push further into Christ, if there was never any distance there?

I was just reminded of Beth Moore teaching...she had 2 ladies stand on the stage, each of them holding one end of a rope. One lady represented God, the other represented Beth. She took the rope and cut it, signifying a time in her life when she felt that her relationship with God was severed. When she tied the rope back together, she was even closer to God than before!

Isn't that beautiful?

Again, I'm not here to say whether or not those times are God's doing or ours. Probably depends on the situation. Either way, it's just a chance for us to look more closely at ourselves, trust in God's faithfulness, and come out better and closer to Jesus on the other side.
"We ask the help that bore them through,
We trust the Faithful and the True!"


  1. It's probably not as bad as it sounds! :D Just one of those things, you know? :)

  2. Oh my goodness, THE AN commented. Amazing.

    Love that poem. Thanks for sharing it.

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  4. That was actually me!! Lol I don't know why it showed up that way?


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