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It is as we have seen disastrous when child or man learns to think in a groove, and shivers like an unaccustomed bather on the steps of a new notion. This danger is perhaps averted by giving children as their daily diet the wise thoughts of great minds, and of many great minds; so that thy may gradually and unconsciously get the courage of their opinions. If we fail in this duty, so soon as the young people get their "liberty" they will run after the first fad that presents itself; try it for a while and then take up another to be discarded in its turn, and remain uncertain an ill-guided for the rest of their days.
-Mason, Vol. 6 (Towards a Philosophy of Education) p.104 (emphasis mine)
The particular section below was discussed (at great length!) at our latest CM Book Study. It's some interesting food for thought and I'd be interested in what all of you think. Here's the modern paraphrase which helped me tremendously.
When we perceive that God uses men and women, parents above all others, as vehicles for the transmission of his gifts, and that it is in the keeping of his law He is honoured––rather than in the attitude of the courtier waiting for exceptional favours––then we shall take the trouble to comprehend the law written not only upon tables of stone and rolls of parchment, but upon the fleshly tablets of the living organisms of the children; and, understanding the law, we shall see with thanksgiving and enlargement of heart in what natural ways God does indeed show mercy unto thousands of them that love Him and keep his commandments.
 But his commandment is exceeding broad; becomes broader year by year with every revelation of science; and we had need gird up the loins of our mind to keep pace with this current revelation. We shall be at pains, too, to keep ourselves in that attitude of expectant attention wherein we shall be enabled to perceive the unity and continuity of this revelation with that of the written word of God. For perhaps it is only as we are able to receive the two, and harmonise the two in a willing and obedient heart, that we shall enter on the heritage of glad and holy living which is the will of God for us. ... But, here as elsewhere, the promises and threatenings of Bible will bear the searching light of inductive methods. We may ask, Why should this be so?
- Mason, Vol 2. (Parents and Children) p.20-21 (emphasis mine)

 I love learning about and reading Mason's works!

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