More About Why I Love Charlotte Mason's Philosophy

In this post, I talked about how un-complicated (and not highfalutin) a Charlotte Mason education is. But I wanted to reiterate that it *is* more about looking a painting (Artist Study) or listening to classical music (Composer Study).

I don't want to detract from the fact that a Charlotte Mason education is about the why and the how.

Some philosophies and methods that drew me to Charlotte Mason are:
  • Narration - telling back what is read in your own words (vs. testing and worksheets)
  • Copywork - to teach spelling and handwriting
  • Short lessons - in years 1-3 lessons range from only 10 to 30 minutes each!
  • LOTS of time outside - Mason recommend about 6+ hours outside everyday
  • using living books instead of textbooks
  • Giving your child a "feast" for the mind (LOTS of choices and subjects) and letting them take what they will
  • Starting with the idea that ALL good things come from God and that all of us are first and foremost His children. 
Charlotte Mason said, "Education is an atmosphere, a discipline and a life." (Principle #5) So while it isn't an elitist education it is about more than looking at nice paintings and reading living books.

To me, it's about offering my children a generous education that applies to their whole selves (mind, body and soul). They take in a lot of great ideas and develop a love for learning, so when they've graduated high school (or college!), they don't put their books away and say, "Well! Now that I'm educated, I can start living!" 

There are much more eloquent people out there that can tell you more about Mason's philosophies; some of my favorites are:

If you feel like a CM education is too highfalutin for you, rest assured, it is not! It is about the Good, True and Beautiful, and those things are available to everyone! :) 

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