My Sabbath Week Plans and Our Life in Pictures

This is our 7th week of school; it's our "Sabbath Week." It's so nice to have a little break to get some things done. Of course, I usually don't get *that* much done, but we gotta shoot for the stars, right?

On my To Do list for this week:

- change and wash all bedding
- get together 2-3 baby shower games for shower on Sunday
- purge kids' toys
- organize homeschool stuff (since I really didn't get to it before school started.)
- organize and clean desk (home office area)
- organize "junk" drawer

I'm positive I won't get all of this done. In fact, I'll be happy if I can get two of them done. :)

Note: I started this post this morning and it is now almost 8pm. I have half of the bedding done. That's all. *cough*

Here is the latest from our family in pictures:

We live near a wonderful state park that we don't visit nearly enough. I took the kids out there last week and we found some treasures on the beach! I'm hoping to share our Nature Journal entries soon!

It's tough to get a picture with them all smiling at the same time. Aren't they cute, though?

Our treasures...

The seeds on the very left of the picture are oak seed pods! I've NEVER seen them before. The picture doesn't do them justice because they are a very bright neon green with red spots! Cool, eh?!

Our Tussock caterpillar has cocooned! (That's a verb, right?)

Can't wait to see what he'll look like!

And remember our White Lined Sphinx Caterpillar

...well, here she is! Also known as a Hummingbird Moth!! This was definitely the highlight of our  week! ;o)

In the following picture, she's flapping her wings SO FAST - like a hummingbird! We let her go because I felt bad keeping her. But what a wonderful find!

Here's Middlest holding the empty chrysalis. :)

Littlest "helping" with Circle Time... I love homeschooling. :) 

 Movie night. :)

 Have a great rest of the week! I'm hoping to get a few things done at home, so it might be quiet around here for a bit. See you on the other side!


  1. Oooooo...I love the moth!! So neat! :)

  2. Love the pics, Catie. We just watched a Fritillary caterpillar make a chrysalis and we saw the beautiful butterfly emerge a week later.
    We are now waiting on a Black Swallowtail to come out its chrysalis. Exciting! :)
    Have a great week, my friend. :)

  3. Wow, that moth! And the chrysalis is huge! The picture of your big girl holding the baby at the table is precious. :)


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