I love you because...

This was a project we did in MOPS years ago. (It took me a year or two to actually use it.) It's just a picture frame with scrapbook paper behind it. I use a dry erase marker to write on it, "I love you because..." 

Honestly, it took me so long to use it because I though Mr. N wouldn't appreciate it or would think it was weird or cheesy or whatever. *I* kind of thought it was cheesy, to be honest.

I was wrong. 

One day, I pulled it out and wrote a reason "why I loved him." 

He didn't mention it. (He's not the most vocal person in the world.)

Within the next few weeks I would periodically write reasons I loved him on the glass. Then I stopped because I got busy and forgot. I also wasn't sure he noticed.

And guess what? Mr. N said something like, "Why did you stop writing on the picture frame?" 

Turns out, he was paying attention. He actually said he loved it.

I'll write things like, "I love you because... you helped clean up the kitchen." or "...you go to work everyday." or "...you're a great daddy." Or deeper things like, "...you're hot." 

This frame does 2 things for our marriage: it encourages my husband and it also requires me to be on the lookout for things I love about him. It causes me to focus on the good. Marriage is not easy; I don't have to tell you that. This season of life with Littles can shove our partners to the back burner. The squeaky wheel and all that.

This is a simple way to keep things light and fun and to remember why I love him. What little things do you do to keep things interesting? :) I'd love to hear!

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