Ramble (Whining) and News!

Mind if I ramble (whine) a bit? Thanks. If you can't whine and complain on your own blog, then what good is it?

I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed right now. We're still trying to sell our house which means we have to show it once in a while (and I really mean ONCE IN A WHILE--tomorrow will be our third showing since April. *sigh*). But still, before each showing the house needs to be somewhat presentable. And again, I really mean "somewhat." I keep my expectations quite low.

Even so, you know that saying, "Cleaning the house with small children is like shoveling in a snow storm."? That pretty much sums it up for me.

It's even VBS week at our church so the two older girls are gone every morning from 9 to noon, but I STILL can't get the house in order. In my defense, I was sick from Saturday to Tuesday. :/ Don't ask.

On top of that, we're supposed to start school next week, so I had planned on using this week, while the girls are gone, to plan our year. Instead I was laying on the couch from lack of energy, among other things. (Don't ask.) and now I'm trying to clean. *hysterical laughter*
On top of THAT, I'm about 8 weeks pregnant.

I'll let that sink in for a minute. ;)

So far, so good in terms of how I feel (no morning sickness! yet.) but I'm exhausted. *yawn* And maybe a tad cranky. Pray for my kids.

Don't get me wrong! I'm SO excited for this baby! (yes, "it" was planned.) And I WANT to sell our house! And I love homeschooling!

But today I'm tired. And a little overwhelmed.

I know God has a plan, I and I know that I know that I know it will be ok. It always is. God always works everything out for good. But I'm still human and am hopefully allowed a little whining once in a while. ;o) I'm praying for the peace that passes understanding right now. And time for a nap. *yawn*

Here's my belly at 7 weeks. Wait until you see me at 9 months! (Even *I* can't believe that picture.) I hope it's not gonna be another 10 pounder!! :/



    Can I copy your idea and write one of these posts on my blog? HA! I'm almost 35 weeks and I'm about done. Feeling more and more tired, not sleeping well, feeling cranky and hormonal, so, ya know. Glad it's not just me. But we have a good excuse, right? :)

    AND, I think I told you on another of your posts that we're trying to sell our house, too, and it sounds like we're having about the same luck as you guys. We've had less than 10 showings in the past YEAR - our house has been on the market since last August. No offers :( But, like you said, God has a plan and all we can do is pray and trust, and be thankful in the process (although that's not always easy, is it?).

    So, I understand. And I think we're going to just take our house off the market soon because with a newborn, I'm just not going to mess with house showings.

    Love your picture! So cute :) I don't know how many people, when I'm out and about, have commented about how I must be due any minute. Thanks, people, I still have 5 weeks left. :)

  2. Yay!!!! So excited for you!!!!! Congratulations! You have a very exciting time ahead!
    Catherine in ks


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