New Phones! aka Welcome to the 21st Century!

You know what's awesome? When you've spent a week (because of my little interruptions) working on a catch-all type blog post and then you press a wrong button and BAM! it's gone. Awesome.

This time around, *ahem* instead of trying to squeeze as much as I can in one post, I'm just going to try and finish one short post.


Mr. N and I got new-to-us phones! Hooray! This was our old phone. *blows dust off* You know, the kind with the REAL buttons on it? Do you remember those?

It was well-loved and I eeked out as much of it's life as I could, but it was definitely time to say goodbye. *sniff*

I'm over it.

I had no idea how much I *needed* a smartphone. I mean, how did I even survive before this? Twenty-first century, here I come!

Because of our new phones, I've been able to join Instagram and I love it. It's like facebook. Without the awkwardness. ;) 

A photo posted by Catie N (@catienewby) on

A photo posted by Catie N (@catienewby) on

A photo posted by Catie N (@catienewby) on
If you're on Instagram, let me know so I can follow you!

I'm also freaking out about being able to listen to podcasts WHENEVER I WANT. I realize I'm a little behind the times here, but I still can't help being so excited about it! ;)


  1. Well. You are a step ahead of me, ha! My husband and I still have the old, real-button phones. AND, we just got a land line installed, LOL. We had smart phones back in the day, but I'm kind of afraid that if we get them again, we'll spend toooo much time on them like we did before!

  2. Ha! I love my smartphone for instagram and podcasts too! (And I just got my phone about eight months ago, so I wasn't very far ahead of you.) Off to find you on instagram now!


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