Our Summer Plans for School

It's maybe a little late to be posting our Summer School Plans, but I'm a bit behind in most things these days, so it's just par for the course!

The month or so before our Mexico trip we didn't do very much school. I was also working 3 nights a week and I just didn't have the time or energy to put into school. I was ok with that, because I had planned on doing a lighter school schedule during summer anyway, rather than take the whole summer off.

But since we still have about 4 weeks left of work for Year 1, I've made a schedule so we can finish by the time we start Year 2 in August.

I always love seeing what other people are doing in regards to homeschooling, so here's our Summer Schedule:

The book titles in parenthesis are the ones that I don't mind if we don't get to. I've given more check boxes to the books with longer chapters. And I still haven't decided if I want Oldest to narrate for everything.

There are about 50(!) check boxes, but if we do only 2 readings a day, that's still only a month of school work. And to be honest, Oldest loves reading most of these books, so it's not that hard to do it. Well, it's mostly not that hard. 

We don't actually do math daily, but it's my goal. We actually don't do any of this (except Bible) daily, but again, it's my goal. HA! (Just trying to keep it real here!)

Do you take the summers off if you homeschool? Are you behind in your school year, too? ;o)

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  1. I like this!! Good idea with the check boxes. I need to be dividing up pages in books so we get them done in a "reasonable" amount of time. Of course, this means reading less books at a time. *ahem* ;)


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