Glimpses and Snippets: On Working, Reading Aloud and Feeling Blessed

~ I'm still working part-time at the restaurant and I haven't been enjoying it too much. I actually gave my two weeks last week. The problem was that I was hostessing and (I think) was failing miserably. While I enjoy waiting tables (I actually do!), I've decided that I don't make much of a hostess. As a hostess, you sort of have to make sure the whole restaurant is running smoothly and delegate and keep a close eye on everything. Kind of like the Eye of Sauron.*

Except not wreathed in flame.

Or evil.

As an ENFJ, I have a very hard time being in charge. I want to be everyone's friend and am too worried about what everyone is feeling. Those are not great Leader qualities, let me tell you!

I'm much better if I only have myself to worry about in terms of responsibility. I simply do not have the imagination or desire to lead people. Which is ok, right? Since not everyone can be a leader? ;) (I'm looking for affirmation, in case that's not abundantly clear.)

Well, I waited tables yesterday and remembered that, yes! I can do this and enjoy it (and make good money!) so I asked if I could stay on as a waitress. My boss was gracious and is going to find a way to keep me on staff. 

Which is awesome, because I have a trip to Mexico to pay for


~ Incidentally, working outside the home for the first time in almost 7 years has made me realize several things:

1. I take my Christian friends for granted. They are gracious to me, hope the best for me and forgive me when necessary. And they don't judge my whole existence based on one incident. In short, they love me. They also encourage me to do all of the above--hope the best and show grace to others. I am so blessed!

2. I've taken for granted the stress my husband has to deal with at work. Working in an environment where there are no godly influences is TOUGH and I would have such a hard time, at this point in my life, having to do that for 40+ hours a week. Thank you, Honey, for all that you do!


~ I've been reading Charlotte's Web to the girls before bed and we are just loving it. I only have 2 or 3 chapters left, and I have to admit, I'm going to be sad when it's over.

The beauty of reading a book slowly is it really gives you time to grow attached to the characters. They're always in the back of your mind and with you throughout your days. The girls and I will bring them up as we're out and about, 

"Oh look, Mama! A spider!" 
"Oooh, does it look like Charlotte? Do you think it's nice like Charlotte?"

I just love and look forward to those moments.

I haven't decided what we'll read next... I'm trying to get all of our Free Reads read (except Peter Pan--we didn't like that one!) before we start Year 2 in August(!) but I'm not sure that will happen and I'm ok with that. :) I'm thinking The Velveteen Rabbit? I'll keep you posted.


~ Along with waitressing, I've been checking into other ways to make a little extra cash. I found Proofreading Anywhere at Money Saving Mom and I think I'm going to give it a go. I've actually proofread for friends numerous times (one is in college and always gets an "A" on "our" papers! HA!) so I *think* I can do it. It is a bit of an investment, but I think it'll be worth it. Plus, as strange as it sounds, I really love proofreading!

Another thing I'm super excited about is reading audiobooks! How fun does that sound?! I'm going to start with volunteering at LibriVox to get my feet wet, then hopefully move on to ACX where you can actually make money at it.

I received my microphone in the mail last week and have been waiting for some free time to actually record my first practice minute.

Maybe I'll be the next Jim Weiss!

Don't hold your breath. 


Of course, all of these (waitressing, proofreading, reading aloud) might be too much right now, but I'll never know unless I try! And maybe, hopefully one of them'll stick.

Well, I've bored you long enough! What's new with you?

*edited to change Saruman to Sauron. In my defense, couldn't you make the names a little less similar, Mr. Tolkien!? Hmph.


  1. Wow, I am intrigued by the audio recording and proofreading gigs. My husband and I have been talking about me possibly doing something part time for extra money. I waited tables in college, but don't know if I want to do that again. I would love to work part-time at our local library, but those jobs are few and far between. I would also really like to do something from home. I love your suggestions...can I be a copycat??? (By the way, the link to Proofreading Anywhere takes you to a wikipedia page about a flower, haha.)

    We are about to finish Little House in the Big Woods (started the year one free reads early - actually I'm starting year one with my oldest today, ahhh!!), so I've been thinking about where to go. Velveteen Rabbit would be good because it's shorter - it would be a nice change and it's a cute story. Then we will probably move on to Charlotte's Web. How often to you read from your free reads? We've been reading Little House an average of once per week and I'm thinking that at that pace we'll never get through them all. But I want to include plenty of other good books, too, that aren't listed. Too many books, so little time!

  2. I think recording books sounds so fun! :) You should totally do it! The thing about *that* is, there's virtually no investment in the beginning. I paid about $15 for my microphone. And at LibriVox, they walk you through the whole process!

    The proofreading thing, however, *does* have a bigger investment, but it looks like, if you put the work in, it would be a good supplement to our income. My DH has been looking for a different job for YEARS and nothing has come up, so I'm looking for a way to help out (even though he doesn't require it.;).

    (and thanks for the heads up on the wrong link! I fixed it!)

    I *try* to read a chapter from a free read every night before bed, along with a picture book or two. It really depends though. I've been working a few nights/wk lately and sometimes I don't have the patience to read through their before-bed wildness. ;o) So it probably ends up being 3-5 nights/wk.

    I agree--too many books, too little time! :)

    (MAN! I talk a lot!)

  3. Hi Catie! You do better with your part-time gigs than I do...all I have to show for mine are an abundant number of dirt stained socks, a lot of chickens to feed and a closet full of waterproof fabric scraps. Hmmm. I am excited to hear how it all turns out for you. Hopefully, very well! Miss you, friend :)

  4. Ha! Well, I haven't started them yet, Alechia! Time will tell! :D You crack me up, "..closet full of scraps." I have high hopes, but I'm not holding my breath either. LOL

    Thanks for the comment, Lady! Looking forward to seeing you soon again!

    Also, I fixed my Sauron goof-up. *rolls eyes at self* You may not have caught it but apparently I'm not as much of a LOTR geek as I thought. *sigh* Disappointing, I know. ;o)


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