Getting together with friends of one child

 This post is not meant to be mean or snarky in any way! I promise! (It is, however, supposed to be a little funny.)

I saw a friend today who I haven't seen in over 10 years! It was so great seeing her! We exchanged numbers and I'm really hoping we can get together soon. She told me she has a toddler and I can't wait to meet him.

But I started thinking about where we'd meet; my house or hers? Should we meet a neutral place instead? Then I started thinking,

If I bring *all* three of mine to her house of one child, they're going to ransack the place!

If she brings her son here, though, she's not going to want her little one playing with all of our grimy well-loved toys.

She's probably going to get upset because my kids will be too rough with him and want to play with his toys and want to hold him and get him "dirty" and...

After I had this little conversation with myself, I had to chuckle. (This happens often.)

I was totally that mom when I had one child. 

Every time my sweet, precious, new baby played with gummed someone else's toy,  I cringed.

Every time another child viciously slobbered all over my sweet, precious, new baby's toy, I cringed.

If another child man-handled my child, I cringed.

Ok. I'm still not totally cool with that.

Now, after 3 kids, my standards are quite low. I'm all like, Bring on the slobber! We gotta build up some immunities! 

To be fair, I know a sweet mom of 5 boys who is a self-proclaimed Germaphobe. So while some of us roll with the punches with each subsequent child, others tighten the reins. And there are still things that I'm a Nazi stickler for and won't budge on, lest you think I'm totally laid-back.

And I'm sure not all first-time moms are that up-tight. Who knows, maybe my friend isn't either?

But I have to admit, thinking about trying to keep my 3 adorable dirty kids from overwhelming and contaminating someone else's child is a funny thought.

I've totally been there. :)


We found a couple of slugs hanging out on some plastic in the back yard.

  Middlest has taken 4 years to warm up to dogs, but she'll hold a slug any day. Go figure.
 Middlest trying to feed the slug a leaf.


  1. You are so cute, woman! *yes, I'm laughing at you and your talking to yourself* Adios, amiga!!!! :D ;)

  2. Love "middlest's" milk mustache! Very cute pictures. I talk to myself all the time. And sometimes I even make sense. I'm sure you do, too. :D

  3. I wondered if anyone would notice the milk mustache!! LOL :) I'm not sure how often I make sense, but that's the beauty of talking to oneself--I'm not judgmental at all. BAH!

    Love you guys!!

  4. Lol...my oldest brought me a slug not too long ago. I was kind of grossed out. She'll pick up anything!

  5. Catie, I talk to myself all the time! No worries....
    I just had a childhood friend who I hadn't seen for ten years stay at our house on her road trip across the US. She hasnt been married or had any kids.It was interesting to see how different our paths have been. She couldn't believe our five kids and the main thought that kept going through my mind was something like, " so, what do you DO all day?????" Not in any way meant to be snarky, just sincerely trying to comprehend what one does without multiply children all underfoot all day long!!
    Totally get this post....Catherine in KS


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