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We are so blessed to be a part of a great Charlotte Mason homeschool group, Excelsior Guild. There are 5 moms and 19(!) children from about 1 year to 11 years old.

During the school year (Sept-May) we meet once a month to do our Riches together; poetry, folk songs, hymns, composer study, art, etc.

During the summer months, we meet twice monthly to do Nature Studies at our local state parks. It is so wonderful. I just know when my children are older, they will treasure these memories. Well, here's hoping anyway!

At our last group, one of the moms (I think it's safe to say our leader?) put together a study of Orange Hawkweed. First, she gave the kids a few clues as to what we'd be looking for without telling them the name, "It's similar to a dandelion and it's orange," etc. so they were encouraged to look for and find it on their own.

Then when the children spotted some growing along the path, we stopped to talk about what everyone noticed about it, "It has 'hairs' on it's stem", "It's petals have square tips," etc.

Then she brought out little clipboards(!) and we all sat and drew what we saw. How fun is that?!

Of course, we found a few other cool things along the trail.

I hope that our children are able to one day look back on these days with a warm heart. What a blessing to learn about God's world with like-minded friends! 

Are you a part of a homeschool group? What's it like?


  1. Great photos! I love the one of L!!!! <3 SOO cute! :)

  2. How wonderful to be a part of a group like that! There is a homeschool group in our area, but since we haven't officially joined yet, I have no idea if there are any CM mamas. A nature outing done together would be great - and I love how she gave the kids clues to find something. I need to try that.

  3. Look at all those happy little kids in nature! I love it!


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