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Phew! The last few months have been kinda crazy. I'm trying to finish up our last few weeks of school, the girls have had gymnastics, Mr. N and I have been planning a little trip away (EEK!) and I've been working part-time. Oh. And we're also trying to sell our house.

I'm pretty sure I've said to more than one person on more than one occasion, "Doesn't it feel like, as a Christian, life can be so hard?" I'm not sure how true that is, but it's definitely how I feel sometimes.

Sometimes I feel like every single decision I make is a struggle. Should I go this way or that way? What do I say to this person? How do I react in this situation? Lord, help! Make this temptation go away!

I want so badly to live the way Jesus wants me to, but sometimes it seems so unattainable.

And then... just when I start to lose hope... there He is. Waiting for me.

Like always.

He truly never fails us. His love truly is amazing. His grace really is enough.

~ ~ ~
Our little man watching his big sisters at gymnastics.

I've been working outside the home for about a month now. Only part-time and soon (hopefully) less! I'm waitressing about 3 nights a week to help out a couple of friends and I've learned a few things:

- I do not want to work outside the home this much. Three nights a week is too much for this Mama to be gone. I don't like it. My kids don't like it. I'd venture to say Mr. N doesn't like it either. It's ok for now, but there's no way I'd do it long-term. It's just not me at this point in my life.

- I forgot how drama-filled the workplace can be. Yes, there is drama when you have little ones at home, but it's a different kind of drama. I do NOT miss the workplace drama at. all. *shudder*

- I've always appreciated (or at least tried) my position as a Stay at Home Mom, but now I appreciate it even more. I'm so, so, so, so blessed to be able to stay home with my kids. I love it and wouldn't change it for the world.

- It's more difficult to be a "light" in a place where no one else shares your worldview. Actually, on one hand, it's refreshing. There's a whole new group of people that I have an opportunity to share Jesus with! But on the other hand, I'm a people-pleaser and not caring what others think of me doesn't come easily. I have to push past the feeling of wanting to fit in and be liked and remember Who I'm really working for.

I make a point to pursue friendships with non-Christians. I feel like evangelism is kind of a calling for me. But having a non-Christian friend is much different than being thrown into the fire, so to speak. In the workplace you are just there to do your job and you have to get along with people whether they're nice to you or like you or not! Not anything new, I know, but I've been out of it for a while and it's been kind of a shocker. :)

~ ~ ~

I'm hoping to update my blog on more of our happenings around here soon!

How are you all doing?? 


  1. I completely agree about what you said that it sometimes feels that, as a Christian, decisions are such a struggle. We want to follow God's leading and as a result, we tend to worry and overanalyze everything - at least I do! My husband and I have made some decisions lately that took a LONG time to come to because, honestly, we were afraid of the unknown. But I just think that as long as we come to God and TRUST that He is leading us where He wants us, it will work out. It's definitely not easy, though.

    Anyway, it's good to hear from you again! :)

  2. So good to hear from you again!! I've missed your posts! Wow, that is crazy that you've been waitressing...that's very hard work, I did it for Years.
    And you're doing it to make money for a friend? That is amazing of you. I wouldn't worry about anything too much, you seem like you have such a good heart. We just finished up our homeschooling year. And its so nice to just sit on the couch and cuddle and read without a to do list! I am looking forward to more posts soon! I've missed my favorite blog!
    Catherine in KS

  3. Hi Ladies! Sorry it's taken so long to respond!

    Catherine-the restaurant is actually a place I used to work at about 8 years ago and it's a very nice place! :) I'm filling in for a couple of ladies who've taken a short leave of absence. I enjoy working there, I just think going from not working outside the home at all, to working 3 nights a week, along with my other obligations was too much. I don't know how some women do it! And thanks SO much for your kind words!! :)

    Angela-"I just think that as long as we come to God and TRUST that He is leading us where He wants us, it will work out." I completely agree and thanks for the reminder! :) I need to remember that more often. Thanks for the comment!


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