Glimpses and Snippets

- Every day we thank God for this little guy. He's such a blessing to our family. Of course, the girls are too! But the girls and I constantly swoon over how cute he is! (Daddy on the other hand, body slams him every chance he can get. ;o) He's starting to throw more fits however, so not every second is cuteness. Ahem.

He is such a character, as you can see...

Does that look just kill you or what?!

He surprised me recently when I said, Say Cheese! out of habit and he said it! It sounds more like Chzzzz but that's ok. ;)

- Speaking of Littlest, I've realized over the last couple years how much having a third child has helped me as a Mama. There are so many things that I've come to realize are not my fault! HA! For example, both girls were crazy if they didn't have their naps; if they didn't get to sleep at the same time every day, their over-tiredness would cause them to scream and scream. That was SO HARD.

But Littlest, if it's past his nap time and I put him down, just goes to sleep. The end.

I was starting to think it was me.

Both girls have always been very afraid of animals--cats, dogs, birds, whatever and have only recently gotten over their fear (mostly), (honestly, I think Middlest feeds off of Oldest) but Littlest has always been attracted to them! On walks he wants to run and see all the puppies! And when we went to the zoo and he kept wanting to touch the pig!

- I'm still waitressing part-time and my boss is trying to find someone to take over a few of my shifts, so I should be working less soon. I'm hoping to keep one shift all year, though, but we'll see. It really is a nice place to work and I think I would enjoy working once a week as apposed to three times.

- We still have 4-5 weeks of school left to finish up! I'm not *too* worried about it; even if we don't totally finish before next year (I'd like to, of course!) it'll be ok. I keep telling myself that.

- I'm on my church's worship team, but after I had Littlest, I asked if I could take a 6-month or so break. That was almost 2 years ago. I'm going to rejoin again at the end of June and am so looking forward to it. I miss being a part of the Team. :)

 Middlest fell asleep during Quiet Time the other day and didn't want her mermaids to escape apparently...

God is so good!

What's new with you?


What I'm Up To

Phew! The last few months have been kinda crazy. I'm trying to finish up our last few weeks of school, the girls have had gymnastics, Mr. N and I have been planning a little trip away (EEK!) and I've been working part-time. Oh. And we're also trying to sell our house.

I'm pretty sure I've said to more than one person on more than one occasion, "Doesn't it feel like, as a Christian, life can be so hard?" I'm not sure how true that is, but it's definitely how I feel sometimes.

Sometimes I feel like every single decision I make is a struggle. Should I go this way or that way? What do I say to this person? How do I react in this situation? Lord, help! Make this temptation go away!

I want so badly to live the way Jesus wants me to, but sometimes it seems so unattainable.

And then... just when I start to lose hope... there He is. Waiting for me.

Like always.

He truly never fails us. His love truly is amazing. His grace really is enough.

~ ~ ~
Our little man watching his big sisters at gymnastics.

I've been working outside the home for about a month now. Only part-time and soon (hopefully) less! I'm waitressing about 3 nights a week to help out a couple of friends and I've learned a few things:

- I do not want to work outside the home this much. Three nights a week is too much for this Mama to be gone. I don't like it. My kids don't like it. I'd venture to say Mr. N doesn't like it either. It's ok for now, but there's no way I'd do it long-term. It's just not me at this point in my life.

- I forgot how drama-filled the workplace can be. Yes, there is drama when you have little ones at home, but it's a different kind of drama. I do NOT miss the workplace drama at. all. *shudder*

- I've always appreciated (or at least tried) my position as a Stay at Home Mom, but now I appreciate it even more. I'm so, so, so, so blessed to be able to stay home with my kids. I love it and wouldn't change it for the world.

- It's more difficult to be a "light" in a place where no one else shares your worldview. Actually, on one hand, it's refreshing. There's a whole new group of people that I have an opportunity to share Jesus with! But on the other hand, I'm a people-pleaser and not caring what others think of me doesn't come easily. I have to push past the feeling of wanting to fit in and be liked and remember Who I'm really working for.

I make a point to pursue friendships with non-Christians. I feel like evangelism is kind of a calling for me. But having a non-Christian friend is much different than being thrown into the fire, so to speak. In the workplace you are just there to do your job and you have to get along with people whether they're nice to you or like you or not! Not anything new, I know, but I've been out of it for a while and it's been kind of a shocker. :)

~ ~ ~

I'm hoping to update my blog on more of our happenings around here soon!

How are you all doing??