Week In A Post: March 29, 2015

Welcome to Week-In-A-Post where I recap our life with bullet points.

- Oldest lost her third tooth a few weeks ago! Her new nickname is The Toothless Fairy. ;o) And Tooth #4 will be out soon. Stay tuned!

 - The weather is getting a little nicer here in good ole' Wisconsin, but when it was still pretty cold, these paper dolls from Practical Pages kept my girls quite busy and happy for literally hours. I highly recommend them. We're going to start using them for our Shakespeare readings and maybe for Viking Tales. Fun stuff!

- Our house is for sale! I'm starting to think I may have bit off more than I can chew here. With a 6, 4 and 1 year old, keeping our house "show ready" seems IMPOSSIBLE. I'm just hoping that whoever comes to look at our home can see past the mess.

- Littlest has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now. This is BIG NEWS around here. I love me some sleep. He's 1 1/2. Ahem. Nighttime-nursing wasn't exactly necessary anymore. After exactly two nights of crying it out, we were good!

- We're a little over half-way through our school year and while not every single day is daises and roses, all in all, I'm so glad we're homeschooling. My kids love it and so do I. :) I am just so thankful that I can do it. Yesterday, Middlest asked me, "Mama, do I have to go [away] to school when I'm bigger." "Nope. You're going to do school at home like Oldest." "Oh. Good!"

 Oldest reading Aesop for her reading lesson. :)

And here's what Middlest and Littlest were doing while we were doing school... 

 Notice how tidy everything is.

 They were having so. much. fun.

- I love this season of life with Littles. I don't love every second of every day (we have rough days just like everybody else!), but generally, it's so great! I love the little things they say (the nice things) and watching them grow and learn is so inspiring. Everything is new with little ones and again, I'm so thankful I get to be home with them.

Middlest got a hold of the camera..

Climbing the tree in our backyard.

Funny story... Oldest fell out of the tree the day after I took these pictures, and strangely, hasn't been back up there since. ;o) She was fine. Obviously.

 - I'm on our library board and we had a Pi and Ice Cream fundraiser on 3-14-15. It went very well! We made over $700! Our poor Library Director took a few for the team and had FIVE pies thrown in her face. Poor girl. She was such a good sport!

What's new with you?


  1. Notice how tidy everything is.


    Thank you, thank you for the link to the paper dolls!!!

  2. Great photos. Happy, happy, happy. Much of the time. :)

  3. Hey, I'm feeling much better, thank you so much for asking! I really think it was just winter/first trimester blues. I'm back to being excited about homeschooling, and actually getting up off the couch, ha. My oldest is just about to turn 6 so we'll be starting year one at some point this year...haven't decided when though since I'm due in September which is right when I was planning to start!

    Anyway...our house has been for sale for a few months, and I completely understand the attempt at keeping it "show-worthy." And, I thought it was funny that your middle daughter was wearing that Elsa(?) costume because my younger daughter spends most of our days in some sort of princess/ballerina costume. And our house looks the same most of the time :) Your kiddos are too cute.

  4. I'm so glad you're feeling better! I've been thinking about you! :) Those first few months (the entire 9 months?) of preg. are ROUGH!! I pretty much hate being prego, to be honest. So I can relate!

    I am glad things are looking up for you!

    You're selling too? Ugh. It's so exciting but a little stressful! The most stressful part for me, is getting my house ready (packed and ready for showings). It'll be ok though. God has a plan. I know it. :)

    (What's your name on the forum, btw? I'm redhed. :)


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