Book Review: Peace Like a River

I'm a little late to the game with reading Peace Like a River. It was published in 2002, so it's not new but in Caught Up in a Story (link to my review), Sarah Clarkson recommends it... oh, I don't know, like, TEN TIMES. I knew then that I had to read it.

I started Peace Like a River about a month ago. Normally it would not take me this long to read a book *this* good. The problem was, I was reading way too many books at once. I need to stop that. I like reading a few (3ish) at a time, but 6 or 7 is too many, people. (I'm not even including our school books!) I've come to realize I don't get much out of any of them if I'm reading that many at once.

But I digress.

Back to my review.


Here's the description from Goodreads:

[This] richly evocative novel, narrated by an asthmatic 11-year-old named Reuben Land, is the story of Reuben's unusual family and their journey across the frozen Badlands of the Dakotas in search of his fugitive older brother. Charged with the murder of two locals who terrorized their family, Davy has fled, understanding that the scales of justice will not weigh in his favor. But Reuben, his father, Jeremiah—a man of faith so deep he has been known to produce miracles—and Reuben's little sister, Swede, follow closely behind the fleeing Davy.

First I want to say that I will NOT be able to do this book justice. Just read it. ;o)

Peace Like a River spoke to me on so many levels. It inspired and challenged my faith, taught me about human character and our flaws, and the consequences our choices bring.

I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob. (name that show!)

I will say that I don't think this book would have been nearly as good if the writing wasn't so gorgeous. Enger was spot on. Every character was believable and written so perfectly--I feel like I know all of them. And I miss them, now that I'm done with the book! Sniff.

And the ending, oh! the ending! (no spoilers here!) I can think of only one other book (The Hiding Place) that made me cry. There were tears in my eyes during the last few chapters. What an amazing story.

Ok. Enough gushing now.

If you're like me and one of the few people on this earth who hasn't read this yet, I implore you! Go get it and read it now! :)

If you have read it, what did you think? Did it blow you away like it did me?

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