Week In A Post: March 29, 2015

Welcome to Week-In-A-Post where I recap our life with bullet points.

- Oldest lost her third tooth a few weeks ago! Her new nickname is The Toothless Fairy. ;o) And Tooth #4 will be out soon. Stay tuned!

 - The weather is getting a little nicer here in good ole' Wisconsin, but when it was still pretty cold, these paper dolls from Practical Pages kept my girls quite busy and happy for literally hours. I highly recommend them. We're going to start using them for our Shakespeare readings and maybe for Viking Tales. Fun stuff!

- Our house is for sale! I'm starting to think I may have bit off more than I can chew here. With a 6, 4 and 1 year old, keeping our house "show ready" seems IMPOSSIBLE. I'm just hoping that whoever comes to look at our home can see past the mess.

- Littlest has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now. This is BIG NEWS around here. I love me some sleep. He's 1 1/2. Ahem. Nighttime-nursing wasn't exactly necessary anymore. After exactly two nights of crying it out, we were good!

- We're a little over half-way through our school year and while not every single day is daises and roses, all in all, I'm so glad we're homeschooling. My kids love it and so do I. :) I am just so thankful that I can do it. Yesterday, Middlest asked me, "Mama, do I have to go [away] to school when I'm bigger." "Nope. You're going to do school at home like Oldest." "Oh. Good!"

 Oldest reading Aesop for her reading lesson. :)

And here's what Middlest and Littlest were doing while we were doing school... 

 Notice how tidy everything is.

 They were having so. much. fun.

- I love this season of life with Littles. I don't love every second of every day (we have rough days just like everybody else!), but generally, it's so great! I love the little things they say (the nice things) and watching them grow and learn is so inspiring. Everything is new with little ones and again, I'm so thankful I get to be home with them.

Middlest got a hold of the camera..

Climbing the tree in our backyard.

Funny story... Oldest fell out of the tree the day after I took these pictures, and strangely, hasn't been back up there since. ;o) She was fine. Obviously.

 - I'm on our library board and we had a Pi and Ice Cream fundraiser on 3-14-15. It went very well! We made over $700! Our poor Library Director took a few for the team and had FIVE pies thrown in her face. Poor girl. She was such a good sport!

What's new with you?


Ten Years!

Last week we celebrated our Ten Year Anniversary on March 16th. Wow. That is so crazy. What's even crazier is that we've actually been together for about 15 years. I was 18 and he was just a baby at 17. For the record, I do not feel that old.

Ten years ago on the beach in Kauai, Hawaii. March 16, 2005

In the scheme of things ten years isn't very long. At the same time, I feel like these days, ten years of marriage *is* long. (I'm not making any sense, am I?) Unfortunately, the divorce rate is high, but maybe not as high as we think? (Thanks for that link, Nelleke!)

I was going to write a "Ten Things I've Learned in Ten Years" post, but it just sounded too preachy, and the truth is, even after 10 15 years I still don't know that much. The One Thing that I'm certain of is if I keep Jesus first in my life, my marriage will be fine.

That is if Mr. N keeps Jesus First, too.

Which he does.

Thank goodness.

So, instead of Ten Things I've Learned blah, blah, blah, here are...

Ten Things I Love About My Husband

1. He doesn't hang on my every word. This might sound strange, but I love that the Universe doesn't hang on what I'm going to say next. He's his own person with his own thoughts and opinions and he lets me be and have the same. (Read: he's not "needy." I love that.)

2. He's hot. (You thought this was going to be deep?)

3.  He's HILARIOUS. Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh. Literally. He should get paid for how funny he is. Example: when I was writing my other Ten Things I Learned post that I deleted, I wrote "I don't have to be right all the time" and his response was, "But it helps."

4. He's faithful. He's faithful to his family, at work and to his friends. 

5. He has a servant's heart. (Read: he does pretty much anything I ask.) I've learned, though, to make abundantly clear WHEN I want said thing done. Otherwise it might be next week... or month.

6. He's a wonderful Daddy. Our kids look forward to seeing him every single day when he gets home from work. He's like celebrity around here. :)

7. He loves Jesus. This is *the* most important thing.

8. He's a snappy dresser. I don't have to dress him. (See #1)

9. He's a perfectionist. Ok. I'll be honest. Sometimes this kind of bugs me because he won't start something that he can't complete to perfection. The flip-side is, of course, that I can always count on a job well-done when he *does* do The Thing.

10. He's an amazing cook and he'll cook anytime I ask. (See #9) Did I marry up or what?

Our life together in pictures..

around 2001, when we were wee babes

a few years later, in our second place together
 our wedding in Hawaii, 2005
expecting our first baby in 2008

sad note: the man in the background passed away last year unexpectedly. He's very much missed. :(

a staring contest with oldest

At a Newsboys(!) concert a few days ago.

Another thing I love about Mr. N? His looks are ever-changing. ;)


Book Review: The Lost World of Genesis One

Once again, I will not be able to do this book justice. I'm just not that smart or well-spoken. But here goes!

The Lost World of Genesis One by John H. Walton was recommend by someone on the AO Forum during a discussion of Old Earth vs. New Earth and whether or not the Six Day Creation was literal. Interesting stuff, let me tell you!

*I* was raised to believe in a literal Six Days. And I'm pretty sure I still believe that. :) I grew up listening to Creation scientists give all the facts and reasons why Earth simply cannot be millions of years old. I ate that stuff up! Still do! (obviously) I just love learning about Creation and origins.

HOWEVER, after reading this book, I've learned, among other things, that the Biblical account of Creation in Genesis 1 isn't talking about the creation of material things; it's actually talking about the creation of the functionality of material things.

Talk about a paradigm shift!

Make no mistake! Walton is NOT saying that God didn't create everything from nothing! He did! Walton, and a bunch of other smart people, just don't think that Genesis 1 is *that* story. He's also careful to remind us that the Bible is the True and inspired Word of God. It is the End All. But sometimes how we interpret it isn't always correct. Nothing new there.

That, in turn implies, among other things(!), that the Earth *could* be older than some of us were raised to believe. And that the Earth could've been here (or at least some parts of it) before the story of Genesis 1 begins. (Walton goes in to all the meanings of the Hebrew words used in Genesis, so all of that makes way more sense.)

Are you intrigued!? I was too!

There is so much more in this book and there's no way I can fit it into one post (or communicate it well enough even if I could fit it into one post). Suffice it to say, if you're a Christian or if you're not a Christian, you should read this book.

Even if you don't agree with all the author says, it will change how you read the Bible (AMONG OTHER THINGS!) and give you a better understanding of how big God really is.

All of that said, I emphatically do not believe that what one believes about Genesis 1 has any bearing on their salvation. 

But it *is* interesting, no? 

The day after I wrote this post, I came across this website, BioLogos, and they *happen* to be doing a study on The Lost World. Providence perhaps? ;o) (I do not know enough about the BioLogos site to totally endorse it. I just came across is the other day.)


Book Review: Peace Like a River

I'm a little late to the game with reading Peace Like a River. It was published in 2002, so it's not new but in Caught Up in a Story (link to my review), Sarah Clarkson recommends it... oh, I don't know, like, TEN TIMES. I knew then that I had to read it.

I started Peace Like a River about a month ago. Normally it would not take me this long to read a book *this* good. The problem was, I was reading way too many books at once. I need to stop that. I like reading a few (3ish) at a time, but 6 or 7 is too many, people. (I'm not even including our school books!) I've come to realize I don't get much out of any of them if I'm reading that many at once.

But I digress.

Back to my review.


Here's the description from Goodreads:

[This] richly evocative novel, narrated by an asthmatic 11-year-old named Reuben Land, is the story of Reuben's unusual family and their journey across the frozen Badlands of the Dakotas in search of his fugitive older brother. Charged with the murder of two locals who terrorized their family, Davy has fled, understanding that the scales of justice will not weigh in his favor. But Reuben, his father, Jeremiah—a man of faith so deep he has been known to produce miracles—and Reuben's little sister, Swede, follow closely behind the fleeing Davy.

First I want to say that I will NOT be able to do this book justice. Just read it. ;o)

Peace Like a River spoke to me on so many levels. It inspired and challenged my faith, taught me about human character and our flaws, and the consequences our choices bring.

I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob. (name that show!)

I will say that I don't think this book would have been nearly as good if the writing wasn't so gorgeous. Enger was spot on. Every character was believable and written so perfectly--I feel like I know all of them. And I miss them, now that I'm done with the book! Sniff.

And the ending, oh! the ending! (no spoilers here!) I can think of only one other book (The Hiding Place) that made me cry. There were tears in my eyes during the last few chapters. What an amazing story.

Ok. Enough gushing now.

If you're like me and one of the few people on this earth who hasn't read this yet, I implore you! Go get it and read it now! :)

If you have read it, what did you think? Did it blow you away like it did me?


"White" by Esterlyn

The latest song we have on constant replay around here is "White" by Esterlyn.

Go to Noisetrade to get a few of their songs for FREE!


Weekend Links

It's been way too long since I've shared my favorite links from the interweb!

This Year's No-Fuss Lent at Running in Circles
"I didn’t follow through on any of the visible signs of the season.  But I did put some thought into my own personal Lent observance.  In my house there are no candles, no pots and seeds, no purple accents, but there is a mom who is trying–in tiny ways–to pray, to fast, to give.  That’s not nothing."
I've been thinking about what we should do for Lent this year (I'm late to the bus, I know), but I love Lindsey's approach. We'll probably read a few books and talk about what it means, but since my kids are still so little, I'm not going to stress about it too much.

How to Use Evernote for Homeschooling at Simply Convivial - I'd like to use Evernote to organize our homeschool. Not quite there yet, though. I'd also LOVE to take Mystie's course, Simplified Organization. I'm going to start saving my pennies. If anyone's been looking for something to gift to me, here's your chance!

Part 1 of  Looking for freedom in all the wrong places: Why today’s anxious kids practice picky eating and other pointless acts of defiance by Anna Migeon at Charlotte Mason Institute - Make sure to read Part 2, also.

Those Little Things I Miss at Simple Homeschool

Why Charlotte Mason Families Should Study Astronomy at Afterthoughts

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Have a great rest of your Sunday!