Rotavirus - The Silver Lining

In an effort to find the Silver Lining in our recent bout with rotavirus*, here are 8 Reasons You Might Want Your Kids to Contract Rotavirus:

1. If your babies are looking a little "thick around the middle", just contract rotavirus! The weight will come right off!

2. If you're looking for an excuse to see what your washing machine can really do, just contract rotavirus! Put that machine to the test!

3. Is your toddler driving you crazy with all their walking and talking? Just contract rotavirus! They won't get out of bed/off the couch for days! And who has time for talking when you're throwing up every half hour?

4. If you're getting low on groceries, contract rotavirus! At least half of the people in your home will stop eating!

5. Have the words "I'm getting too much sleep" come out of your mouth lately? Are you missing those "sleepless newborn days"? Contract rotavirus! You won't get more than an hour of sleep at a time!

6. Is your house smelling too clean? I know mine was. Never fear! Contract rotavirus and that "clean house" smell will be gone for at least a week!

7. Are you feeling "left out" of prayer chains? Want some attention from your friends and family? Contract rotavirus! You'll be asking for prayer so much your friends and family will have to take notice!

None of this would've been funny about 3 days ago. 
 Whoever said "Laughter is the best medicine" wasn't sick anymore.


my happy little guy before the Big "R" :)

Now for the real Silver Lining:
  • Now that our kids have had rotavirus, they're immune to it. *whew!*
  • I'm thankful that it wasn't anything worse than rotavirus. Even though it was difficult, there are so many children with incurable diseases and this was nothing compared to that. :(
  • I'm thankful that we homeschool (no need to catch up on homework!) and that I'm able to stay at home with my children. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else here to care for them. Well, except my dear husband, of course.
*I still stand by our decision to not vaccinate. :) No haters, please. 


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    1. Sorry, I used little icons on my phone that showed up here as question marks. :)

  2. Replies
    1. The pictures of your little guy are ador-a-ble.

  3. He's a keeper! And feeling much better, praise God! :)

  4. :D So glad everyone is getting better woman!!!

  5. Sounds like you have really been through it over there! It amazes me how you are able to be in such high spirits and still post inspiring and encouraging posts! Its my worst nightmare when all my kids get sick at once. Your light hearted posts help put things in perspective a bit! Keep those posts comin'!
    Catherine in KS
    PS. I also love your "what we're reading" posts!

  6. Hi Catherine, Ugh. We're on the mend, but Middlest is STILL having a hard time! :( Man oh man. What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger right?! ;o)

    Thankfully, Oldest never got it--she must already be immune. Whew!


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