Week In A Post: Jan 30 2015

- The flu has been here. Mr. N was sick two weeks ago. Like, really sick. Then we spent the better portion of Friday evening and night, up with all 3 kids, who were puking at the same time.

That was fun.

Littlest didn't get quite as sick as the other two--he stopped throwing up at around 1am. :( The saddest thing in the world is watching your 1 1/2 year old throw up. *sniff* He took it like a man though. He's still young enough so he forgets that he just threw up 5 minutes ago and now wants to play!

The girls, however, were up every hour the whole night and because I'm still nursing, Daddy was up with them.

And then, when I woke up at cough9amcough, the laundry was started, breakfast was on the table and both girls had been bathed. Did I marry a good man or what?

- Two days later, I got the flu. Blech.

- The next day, Mr. N got sick AGAIN.  Seriously? I think it's finally gone now. *looks around suspiciously*

Oldest's "snowman"
more like a snow.. head.

- The girls were playing store and Oldest told Middlest that the thing she was buying cost 70 pence. Can you tell we're using a literature-based homeschool curriculum? Love it.

- I was going to start a Bullet Journal, but now I'm not so sure. I actually went and bought a new journal (for less than $2), made it pretty, sat down with my nice new pen and STARED BLANKLY AT THE PAGE.

I just don't know if it's right for me. I've been using my Weekly To-Do chart for a while (ok. not as much since we started school) and it works well. When I use it. Ahem. Between my Weekly To Do and my Master To Do list, which is basically my Brain Dump, I feel fairly organized. ish.

The thing is, the Bullet Journal seems a little overwhelming to me right now. I like that there are only 5 or 6 spots for my To Do's on my Weekly chart. The thought of having an endless page to write all my To Do's, Notes and Tasks makes me twitch a little. I can barely keep up with laundry and dishes. And I *only* have 3 kids!

The jury's still out. Do you use a Bullet Journal? Your thoughts? Mr. N thinks it'll work great for him. :)
Middlest's snow.. head.

Yes, those are pink boots. Can you tell he has 2 older sisters?

- Remember my Classics Challenge? Well, I'm still plugging away at North and South. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to read all 12 books in one year. I'm only half-way through N and S and it's taken over a month, People! It's not that I don't like it--I do! I just have to read it slowly, a page or two at a time, before I pass out bed.

It probably doesn't help that I'm reading *several* other books besides. Which brings me to...

- I've been trying to read as much as I can about forming good habits from Charlotte Mason and others (bloggers mostly). We have a bit of an obedience and attitude problem around here. The kids have a few issues too.

I'm reading Volume 1: Home Education by Mason, Laying Down the Rails and blog posts, along with asking lots of advice on the AO Forum and from my friends in real life. I'd love to wax eloquently about Mason's thoughts on Habits, but there are a lot of bloggers out there who do a much better job. So click on my Blog Roll tab to check out some great Charlotte Mason blogs; specifically Afterthoughts and Simply Charlotte Mason's blog.

Did you know that you can hula-hoop dressed head to toe in snow gear? Yeah, me either.

The kids are enjoying winter. That makes 3 of us. ;)


  1. I know we've had warm weather, but I would like some snow. Your kids look like they had a ton of fun! It snowed here one day way back in November, and melted the next. That's. it. :(

    I hear you about the reading progress, although I'm not doing the back to the classics challenge. That would be too much of a challenge, ha. I think I've read a total of probably 10 pages this week. I've also begun CM's volume one too! About 3 pages in...

    On a side note, how was Jim Gaffigan's book "Dad is Fat?" He and Brian Regan are my and my husband's two favorite comedians.

  2. I liked Dad is Fat, but I didn't love it. Only because I, too, had seen some of his stand up, and *most* of what is in his stand-up routine is in the book.. so I'd heard it before. It was still funny though. ;)

    I'm actually thinking of dropping the Classics Challenge. Talk about no follow through, amIright?! I've really been trying to read more SLOWLY so I can take it all in and I'm afraid by having a deadline, I won't be able to do that. The jury's still out on that, too.

    Thanks for your comment, Angela! I appreciate it A LOT. :) Blessings!


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