Wednesdays with Words: North and South

I've been reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell (<--Free for Kindle) and I've come across so many great quotes and it has prompted me to participate in Wednesdays with Words at Ladydusk.

"London life is too whirling and full to admit of even an hour of that deep silence of feeling which the friends of Job showed, when 'they sat with him on the ground seven days and seven nights, and none spake a word unto him; for they saw that his grief was very great.' " -Margaret

At the begnning of each chapter Gaskell quotes someone else..

"We are the trees whom shaking fastens more." - George Herbert
And this one cracked me up:
"She had a bracelet on one taper arm, which would fall down over her round wrist. Mr. Thornton watched the replacing of this troublesome ornament with far more attention than he listened to her father. It seemed as if it fascinated him to see her push it up impatiently, until it tightened her soft flesh; and then to mark the loosening--the fall. He could almost have exclaimed--'There it goes, again!' "
And this one is very Charlotte Mason-ish, no? (emphasis mine):

Now when I feel that in my own case it is no good luck, nor merit, nor talent,--but simply the habits of life which taught me to despise indulgences not thoroughly earned,--indeed, never to think twice about them,--I believe that this suffering, which Miss Hale says is impressed on the countenances of the people of Milton, is but the natural punishment of dishonestly-enjoyed pleasure, at some former period of their lives. I do not look on self-indulgent, sensual people as worthy of my hatred; I simply look upon them with contempt for their poorness of character." -Mr. Thornton
I have more highlighted from this book, but this is enough for one post don'tcha think? Have you read North and South? Seen the movie?


  1. LOVE!!! Is this one of your Back to Classics selections? I forgot. I really liked this book! I'm reading Ruth by Gaskell and it's sad. :(

  2. I have read and watched. I watched first. I struggled through reading it partially because it was so very different from the mvovie. Thanks for sharing these thoughtful words, esp about habits. I'm working on breaking old and starting new ones in school and in life.

    Thanks for linking in.

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  4. You know, I've never thought so much about habits until I began reading CM and now I see references to habits everywhere! I've never read North and South - now I'll probably put it on my extremely long to-be-read stack, ha!

  5. I watched North and South first. Then my girls encouraged me to read it. I read it during my last pregnancy when I couldn't sleep. I truly loved it. It is a favorite here.


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