Too Social for Social Media

I quit Facebook a few months ago. And it feels so. good.

Since getting on Bookface in 2008 (I remember because that's when I was pregnant with Oldest.) I have taken several "breaks" when I felt like it was taking up too much of my time. I guess I didn't have enough self-control to just stay off of it... :-/

Well, I finally broke down and just deleted my account. I came to the conclusion that I'm too social for {some} social media. I'll tell you why, since you're dying to know:

- I want to talk to my friends on facebook like I talk to them in real life, and honestly, that doesn't always translate well. I either end up sounding too snarky or just plain mean. Or dumb.

- I don't necessarily want 300 of my closest friends "listening in" on those aforementioned conversations (that are NOT snarky and mean).

I realize that some of you are thinking, Duh, Catie. Why are you even trying to have those kinds of conversations with your friends on fb? That's not what fb is for.

It's because I'm social. I'm an extrovert. I like talking. And I can't stop myself! I can't help it. When I see Amy's or Linda's status update, I want to respond to it! I want to talk about it! But when I do, I'm so self-conscious about what I said that...

- it takes up way too much of my head-space. (wasn't that a nice segue?) Here I am, trying to keep up my home (Ha!), homeschool, and be a wife and mother, and all I can think about is that stupid thing I said on fb. It was ridiculous.

- I would much rather meet up with you in real life over coffee. Where I can see your face. And you can see mine. (unfortunately, don't have as much time for that these days as I would like!)

Don't get me wrong! It's not like I don't spend time on social media. I love Goodreads, Pinterest and blogging, obviously. But I feel like those things are more intentional.

On Goodreads I share what I'm reading and see what my friends and acquaintances are reading. Pinterest is a picture-sharing site so there's not a lot of space for me to say the wrong thing, and you have to actually go out of your way to read my blog, if you're interested in my random thoughts. Ok, maybe it's not that different, but somehow, for me, it's different enough.

I realize for a lot of you, you get what you want from bookface. No judgement here! Really! I think it's great for people who like to spy on other people like to share business-type stuff or inspiration or whatever! :) <---smiley face means I'm not being snarky! And I *do* miss connecting with those people whom I love but don't see often enough in real life. I think if I could have 10 or 15 friends on fb, I'd like it a lot more. But right now the time, stress and head-space I was spending on fb wasn't worth it to me.

As for Twitter, I feel like you have to actually be Someone to have followers. I don't have that many interesting things to share with everyone I DON'T EVEN KNOW. (Am I missing something about Twitter?)

So there you go. I'm too social for social media.  

Are you on fb? Why or why not? 


  1. I've thought a lot about deleting my facebook account. Most of the time it's just time wasted. But then I think, well, that's how I keep in contact with friends and family who live far away (I have a lot of family 8 hours away from where we live, for example.). Buuuuutttt, we don't really converse with each other on fb, just 'like' something every now and then. The people who (whom?) I really care about and have a relationship with are those that I can reach over the phone. Hmmmmm...I don't know! But good for you for taking the plunge! :)

  2. I totally understand! I really liked fb for keeping in touch with out of town family and friends. I miss that for sure! :)

  3. Hi Catie,
    Loved this post! Thought it was great because you don't hear this, really, at all! At least I don't. I have actually never been on Facebook! (I know, gasp!) And I've never wanted to for some strange reason. I always thought, "Am I really THAT different from most people on the planet?!" But it just never interested me. Maybe i'm too private of a person, but also, how in the world does anyone have time for bookface? I could never understand it! I barely have time to do the dishes and go pee between homeschooling the littles and making dinner! So Bookface is beyond me and I'm glad to see someone else on the outs of it as well! (Not to mention, I truly believe that Bookface is something that Satan probably LOVES!!!)
    Catherine in KS

  4. Hello Catherine! :) The funny thing is, IRL I'm not *that* private of a person--I'm an open book, really. But for some reason I get uncomfortable knowing that EVERYONE I'VE EVER MET(!) is reading what I'm saying to my close friends. They know how strange I am, and still love me. ;) But the people that don't know me that well might not understand my strange sense of humor, among other things.

    The time issue is major for me too. Although this blog is a bit of a time-sucker. :P HA! I also don't want my kids to see me on it all the time. I'd rather they see me on Pinterest and Goodreads and my blog and... Oh. Nevermind. HAHA!

    Thanks for commenting, Catherine. I DO appreciate it! I wish I knew more about you though. You should start a blog. ;)


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