Connect Five by Sheryn Binks

Have you ever noticed that a lot of great Christian singers come from Australia? Hillsong, Brooke Fraser, Newsboys... ok, the old Newsboys... and Rebecca St. James to name a few.

My personal favorite, who is also and Aussie, is Sheryn Binks. She has only one album out to my knowledge and it is wonderful. Even if you're not a Christian, you'll love Binks' record. I just know it. Give it a listen.

One of our favorite songs is Connect Five. (although my girls' favorite song is Little)

"I love the way that
You let me in a little 
On Your very
confidential plans.
If I were You,
I'd be thinking 
twice about me."

Amen, sister, amen.

I've been feeling ill-equipped lately. But the beautiful thing is, underneath it all, I have this unshakeable peace about where I am in life. (Which is a homeschooling Mama of littles, in case you were wondering.)

Sometimes I feel like saying to God, "Really? You've called *me* to do this? I can't do this! Do you even know me? Do you even know what I've done? How unprepared I am?

Actually? He does. *whew* And the thing I have to keep reminding myself is this--it's not about me. I know, you're shocked. It's not about how great of a mom I am or how well my children behave (insert hysterical laughter) or whatever else I could possibly do.

It's about Jesus' saving, wonderful, merciful grace in my life. I believe that with my whole heart.

I just forget it sometimes, you know?

More great lyrics from this song:

"When we get in 
to the deepest of Your plans,
I'm gonna need You 
to remind me how to hand
my silly self 
over to You." 

And one more..

"And if I'd let You in,
You'd change my whole life."

Enjoy this amazing song.

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