Bird Watching from the Kitchen Window aka Why I Love Homeschooling

We've been enjoying some birds outside our kitchen window these past few weeks...

When searching for our first home one of the things on my wishlist was a window in front of the kitchen sink. Doing the dishes isn't my *favorite* chore (not sure I have a favorite chore?) so I like to have a little something to look at while doing them. I got my wish with this house.

 female Downy Woodpecker

We have a row of lilac bushes right outside the window and the birds are LOVING our birdseed balls. The kids and I have really been enjoying bird-watching.

It's so great to be able to stop what we're doing (reading, math, whatever) and look out the window to watch these little guys. Another reason I love homeschooling.

 The male Downy Woodpecker has a red stripe on the back of his head.

Female and male Cardinals

Oldest thinks the female Cardinals are the prettiest.

Blue Jay
The birds we've seen haven't been too exotic, but they're still fun to watch and the colors add a bit of joy to these dreary days of winter.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog recently. I enjoyed your post! It's funny because, like you guys, we've been watching the birds a bunch this winter, and I wrote about it on my blog and posted it today, too!

    I also enjoyed your charts post. I'm not organized enough to do one for meals, I've tried so many times, but I've got one for chores for my girls, similar to yours and it's been extremely helpful.

  2. Tell your oldest that I agree with her about the female cardinal. :^)

  3. I will, Linda. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, Angela! I've really been enjoying the birds this year. Like I said, there hasn't been anything *too* special, but they're so fun to watch. :)


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