Quick Recap (aka Week {Month} In A Post)

Here are a few snippets I wanted to share with all of you.

- Our Christmas was very nice. We had both families and a few friends over and *I* think it went well. I hope everyone else did too! Most importantly, the kidlets had a great time. My only regret is that I didn't take ANY pictures. Doh! What was I thinking?

- My hubby did very well (as usual) in the gift department this year. I now have the "problem" of deciding what music to buy with my iTunes gift card. *sigh* It's really tough, I tell ya. I also got Lemon Heads (anyone else out there a fan?) and truffles in my stocking and some Starbucks mocha drink thingy's. Yum!

- School barely happened in December which was not my intention at all. My plan (ha!) was to only take the week before and of Christmas off, but somehow we ended up taking most of the month off. We did a few math lessons but that's about it. Of course, we had our Christmas readings and we listened to carols on a daily basis and I'm pretty sure all of that counts. I'm not really worried about it, but I might have to do some better planning next year in terms of the Christmasy-type things we do--either cut back some or plan on NOT doing "normal" school. That brings me to...

- We did about HALF (if that) of the things on our Advent list and we got through day 12? of our Jesse Tree. So in case you were wondering (as I do with other people) how all that stuff gets done, it doesn't. Just keepin' it real, homies.

- Because of school (and Christmas) I've been MIA in a lot of my friend's lives. If you're reading this and that's you, I do apologize! School itself doesn't take "that" long (most days) but because we're doing school in the mornings, nothing else gets done at that time, so I've had to shift how I do things around here to keep up! Read: I have no time for anything other than childcare, school and (sort of) keeping up my home.

Also? I have a 15 month old. Enough said.

- Despite all of that, I was able to make (am still making! *ahem*) a few presents this year! I really love knitting and am determined to make time for it this upcoming year. It's so relaxing and rewarding. And makes great gifts, obviously. I'd share some of the things I've made with you, but some of you haven't received your gift yet, so you'll all have to wait. :P 

- I also... drum roll... got a Christmas letter written and sent out! I'm going to share that on my blog, too. One of these days...

- Since I cut my bangs a few weeks ago, Oldest had been talking about cutting hers as well. I wasn't so sure because I thought she looked cute without them and because they're a little higher maintenance. Turns out, they're so cute AND it makes doing her hair much easier. Win, win!


- I think I'm going to try to participate in this 2015 (I can't believe it will be TWO THOUSAND FIFTEEN!) Back to the Classics Challenge. One of my first posts on this blog was a sort-of challenge to myself to read more classics and I totally failed. Well, I've read a few since then, but not nearly enough. So here's to starting over! Join us? I'm so bad at doing anything that requires commitment on this blog, but I'm gonna try, dernit!

How was your Christmas? If you homeschool, did you get much done this month? Come on! Don't make me feel like I'm the only one who didn't! 

Did you make any gifts for Christmas? 

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  1. I'm so glad you are going to try the classics challenge! We can poke one another...especially on page 713 of Bleak House. ;)Please poke me! :P We didn't do any "formal" school, but I had planned for that. However, I think I will actually take LESS time off next year since we need a little more structure around here. I think we got most of our Advent/traditions things done, but I only had like 7 so that's not saying much. ;) We are behind on our Advent reading, but I don't sweat it, I just keep reading until it's finished, ignoring the actual date. ;) :P I can't wait to see your finished knitting projects!!! <3 G looks adorable! :D


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