You Don't Say!

Middlest was looking at an animal book and there was a picture of an opossum playing dead. I asked if she knew why they did that. Her answer? "Because he saw a man who looked really handsome or a lady who was beautiful." Apparently beautiful people make you faint.

Trying to get a close-up of Middlest and me. Got a little too close.

I gave Oldest the Littlest Pet Shop to play with during Quiet Time and as I was passing her by she said, "This fat seal is going to eat that animal (a poor, defenseless gerbil) over there." Then she made a loud AYIYIYI! sound. We may have to cut back on our nature show intake.

As a side note; here is the Littlest Pet Shop seal that *I* played with, which Oldest now plays with:

Cute, eh?

Here is the one they make today:

Something is very wrong here, people.

Moving on.

Our Little Man is *this* close to walking!

And I'm sorry, I know this is a little off-color but I just can't help but tell you. I was changing Littlest's diaper and while his diaper was off, he tooted. Then?

He laughed.

Really? He's a boy, that's for sure.

And here's a sweet moment I caught on camera; Daddy and Oldest having a staring contest. As you can by the pictures, Daddy won.


  1. I bet Daddy would always win a stare-down contest. Bless his little pea-pickin' heart. (southern roots, you know)

  2. And adorable pictures, BTW. Love them all.

  3. Aww. Cute. Phoebe told me the other day she had a "Burp in her butt." ;) :P BAHAHAHAHAHA.

  4. Thanks, Linda! :)

    Amy - that is HILARIOUS! I hope you wrote it down. Laughed out loud at that.


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