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Here are a few of my favorite posts from around the interweb. :) Happy weekend!

I've recently started listening to the Read-Aloud Revival podcasts at Amongst Lovely Things and I just love them. This one where Sarah talks to Heidi from Mt. Hope Chronicles is so good! The best thing about the podcasts? There are great book lists at the bottom of each page. Sigh.

You've probably seen this already, but how great is this post from Carrots for Michaelmas - Instagram Envy, Being Authentic on the Internet, and When It's Time to Break Up With a Blog. Oh man. So good.

Don't know what to read? Use the 30 year rule. I need to do this more.

Tips on reading Shakespeare with your kids.

Are You a Calvinist? Rethinking Theological Labels. Loved this. And FYI: I'm not a Calvinist. :)

Being Bossy is not the Same as Leading. (check out her Stupendous Selections on Sunday if you aren't homeschooling--you won't be sorry!)

Of course, the challenge with labels is not exclusive to Calvinism. Similar difficulty arises when asked “Are you an evangelical?” In his The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, Carl Trueman notes this predicament, “When asked if I am an evangelical, I generally respond with a question: What exactly do you mean by that term? In a world in which everyone from Joel Osteen to Brian McLaren to John MacArthur may be called an evangelical, I want to know into what pigeonhole that answer will place me.”[1] - See more at: http://jasonkallen.com/2013/09/are-you-a-calvinist-rethinking-theological-labels/#sthash.KO4NY9oc.dpuf

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