Littlest Turns ONE!

Our Little Man turned one on Monday, the 15th. Everyone says it, but it's so true that the more children you have, the faster time flies. Oldest's first year seemed to take forever. This last year? I have no idea where it went.

We celebrated Littlest's birthday with a few close friends and family at a local park.

His hat was made by a dear friend of mine. Isn't it sweet? You want to read the story of The Hat?

 Can you believe I forgot to bring a bib?!

When your first child turns one it's a pretty big deal. Well, when any child turns one, it's a big deal. But I think this time, with #3, was a little different and a little sweeter. The relationship between Littlest and his two older sisters is so sweet, for lack of a better word. They just love him and were so excited for his birthday. That was so great to watch.

We are so thankful for this little guy.

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