Week-In-A-Post #2

It's that time again! I'm pretty amazed with myself for doing this TWICE in a row! I usually have a hard time committing when it comes to my blog.

--- Littlest will be ONE YEAR OLD next month!!! I can not even believe that. This last year has just flown by. He has been such a blessing to this family. He is the apple of our eyes. He completes us. He had us at "hello." I think you get the point.

He's still not eating very much food. *sigh* And so far he's shown an allergy to dairy and possibly wheat . On the bright side, he's nursing like a champ! All. night. long. *yawn*

He's been "talking" for a few months now and I was telling Mr. N the other day that he sounds German or Russian. His chattering is very consonant heavy; Bft! Bopt! Dipt! Bch! It's adorable. See for yourself: (Also notice, he's acquired the nickname, "Bubby." I'm also trying to get him to say "Mama" to which he usually replies, "dadadadada." Hmph.)

--- I have BANNED Frozen songs from being sung in our house. BANNED. After months of "Let It Go" being sung day after day after long shove-an-ice-pick-in-my-eye day, I had to put a stop to it. It's not even funny, people. Now I make the girls pay me if they even so much as hum a Frozen tune. True story.

Incidentally, I had no idea how many times we said the phrase "let it (her, him, them) go" in conversation.

---I really want to make my own diaper bag and am hope to have time to do that soon. BAHAHAHA! That was a good one.

The truth is, I could make the time if I really wanted to. It's just when evening comes around, when I'd most likely be able to get the bag done, I'm exhausted. I usually choose to sit and chat with Mr. N or read on my Kindle or stare blankly into space. You know, productive things like that. So it's not so much that I don't have time, I just don't make time.

I digress.

Here's the bag that I want to make. I really want a diaper bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag, but even more, I want one I can wash. Hopefully before Littlest turns 5 I can get it done.

That's it for this week. If you'd like to join in, let me know. I'd love to read what you're up to!



"I can't help it! Whenever he looks at me, I *have* to adore him," said Oldest to me today as Littlest was smiling at her.

I've been really appreciative lately of how much my girls love Littlest. I know this isn't always the case. Since the day we brought him home there has not been one ounce of jealousy and I'm so thankful. I probably take it for granted sometimes.

The next picture is a little fuzzy; but Oldest is reading to Middlest (a Sandra Boynton book).  They love each other, too. Most days.

I am so blessed!!



There are several "Sum Up Your Week In One Post" memes out there, but I'm too lazy to link up to them so this is my version. ;o)

Not to be confused with Egg-In-A-Polk.

- After Oldest was born, I heard about the No Poo thing. You know, you don't use shampoo to wash your hair? It sounds gross, but it's not quite that simple or *that* gross. Anyway. I tried using baking soda and vinegar to "wash" my hair, knowing that it would take a while to "even itself out." I felt so good not putting toxins into my body and going au naturel!

It didn't work. I may not have given it enough time, but my hair felt so yucky and I had a new baby(!) so I just gave up and went back to shampooing.

Recently, I decided to try again, except I thought I could just get away with washing my hair a lot less, since the baking soda thing didn't work (maybe because I have so much hair!?). I've never washed my hair daily anyway, so I thought instead of shampooing every couple days, I'll try to just shampoo once a week. It might take some time to "even itself out" but it should be ok, right?

It didn't work. 


So, I'm back to washing every couple days. I know there are chemicals in shampoo and I know I'm washing all the good oils away, but you know what? I. just. don't. care. 

- I deactivated my Facebook account. Again. It was too distracting and since I'm on the AO Forum, I thought it best that I use the "One In, One Out" rule, even with social media. It's so freeing!

- Week One of school was a success! We had a few interruptions here and there but overall it went swimmingly! Here's Day One in case you missed it.

And here's a free printable for you. It's Charlotte Mason's motto; I can, I am, I ought, I will.

- We found a Luna Moth while talking our daily stroll past the library on Wednesday! This is actually the second one we've seen in the last few months. Did you know that Luna Moth's don't have mouths?! They only come out of their cocoon to mate and then die after about a week! SO interesting!

Here we have it in a recreation of it's Natural Environment. *cough* Poor thing.

- We also had the pleasure of going for a Nature Walk with our homeschool group, Excelsior Guild, at a local state park.

I thought this flower, the Indian Pipe, was SO COOL! I've never seen anything like it before! From Wikipedia: "..it is white and does not contain chlorophyll. Instead of generating energy from sunlight, it is parasitic, more specifically a myco-heterotroph. Its hosts are certain fungi that are mycorrhizal with trees, meaning it ultimately gets its energy from photosynthetic trees."

We also saw all kinds of mushrooms which is always fun.

- I've been pondering something Beth Moore said at one of our Breaking Free studies a few weeks ago. She said (paraphrased) that if we, as Christians, don't stay involved and informed on what's going on around the world we'll have nothing to say or offer to our non-Christian friends. I've been really convicted by this. I'm so bad about keeping up on current events. My whole world is pretty much within these four walls. I read the newspaper from my town, but that's about it.

The few issues I have with staying informed is 1. It's hard to find news that isn't really biased (not the greatest excuse, I know), 2. as a Mama with little ones, it's difficult finding time to keep up with things and 3. the news is DEPRESSING.

The older I get the less my heart can take when it comes to all of the horrible things that go on. In my defense, I do stay a little bit informed on some issues (sexual trafficking, for one) but it weighs me down so much to think about all of the evil in this world. Any suggestions for good news sources? Ones that won't make me want to go on anti-depressants?

If you're not lazy like me and want to join in on Week-In-A-Post, add your link to the comments! If all 3 of you want to do it, I'll add a linky thingy.


How Big is Your God?

Have you seen this post about what Gungor believes? Interesting, eh?

First I want to say that we're probably not getting the whole story. You really can't understand a person fully through *one* blog post. (I hope I'm not judged too harshly by some of my posts!)

I'd love to have a conversation in real life with Mr. Gungor. But since I can't do that, I'm going to take this at face value and honestly? it makes me a little sad. I'm no theologian (as if you were wondering) but I'm not sure how, as a Christian, you can not believe in a six day Creation.

What about the fact that flowers were created on one day and THE SUN was created the NEXT DAY? Am I the only one who understands that flowers and trees can't live very long without sunlight? It's not rocket scientry, people! <--that was a joke.

Why is it so hard to believe that GOD is GOD?! If your god can't do amazing things, I'm sorry. But my God can.
 "An open mind, in questions that are not ultimate, is useful. But an open mind about the ultimate foundations either of Theoretical or of Practical Reason is idiocy." C. S. Lewis
Why do we have to try and rationalize everything about God? It's comforting for me on some level to know that I'll never know or understand everything about God. I'm glad I don't understand everything. I would have a hard time believing in a God who is easily comprehended.
“To have found God and still to pursue Him is the soul’s paradox of love.” A.W. Tozer

My point is, why can't we just believe that God created the universe in six days? Why do we have to make it fit into our little box? Who wants to believe in a God who does ordinary, predictable things? Not this girl.

I'm not going to say something like this affects one's salvation; only God knows our hearts. But if you start doubting the Bible (or watering it down or not taking it literally) where does it stop? Again, I'm just a girl with an opinion, not a theologian, so take this with a grain of salt.

Obviously, the post by Michael Gungor has a lot more in it than just the Creation issue, but that's all I have time for right now. Also? I don't know enough about all that other stuff to comment.

I *do* know that the Bible is true. Every word of it. And I'm taking that to the bank.
What do you think?


Day One of School--A Success!

Today was our very first day of "real" school. Of course we've been learning and I've been teaching since the day my kids were born, but today was the first day of "let's sit down and do this work together until it's done" kind of school.

I have to say.. I kind of loved it.

I realize I still have my First Year Rose Colored Glasses on and today was *only* the first day, but humor me. ;o)

Oldest was so excited as well. She did her Morning Routine (potty, teeth, dress, etc) faster than she ever had!

This photo may or may not have been reenacted because a *certain* mother may or may not have forgotten to take a picture while actually in school. *ahem* Also? Notice the cute baby bum in the background. :)
Our library/school basket.

In case this is your first time here, we're using the curriculum at Ambleside Online. I'm so, so grateful to all the women there who've put so much time and effort into AO. What a huge blessing!

I thought I'd share our schedule with you. I always love seeing what other families' schedules are like. I've examined all kinds of blogs (Ordo Amoris, Afterthoughts, Our Journey Westward to name a few), picked my friends-in-real-life brains and of course, been on the AO Forum and this is the schedule I came up with that will (for now) work best for our family. I'm sure it will change as time goes on, but it's a good starting point.

EDIT: This is my schedule. I have taken the curriculum at AO and made it my own. If you'd like to see the original AO schedule for Year 1, please go HERE.

As you can see, the times don't quite match up. In case you're wondering where *I* learned how to add, I did that on purpose. For example, school starts at 8am with 40 minutes allotted for Circle Time (Oldest informed me that she'd like it to be called "Morning Time") then Chores start at 9am. That's because I want some margin in my day. With a 10 month old and 4 year old, there *are* interruptions. You're shocked, I know.

 Is he cute or what?! He's standing almost on his own now. *sniff* 
He'll be in school before we know it!

I also tried to break up our school morning with "Tea/Snack Time", chores and time outside. (I was inspired by the schedule over at Nelleke's blog.) That also gives me time to switch a load of laundry, put dishes away, etc.

Page 2 is our Friday work which I tried to keep a little more laid-back. We'll still do Bible, a few Circle Time items and Math, then the rest of the day will be things like Nature Study, Handicrafts and our Timeline. I may add more Art other than drawing in our Nature Journals at some point.

Here's our Timeline:

I put the Basic Overview of Year 1 on my schedule because I wanted a reminder of what books are for what subjects. Some of the books we read can be for several subjects and I like to have an idea of what's what.

Finally, Page 3 is Oldest's Schedule. I know she'll like to take some ownership over her schedule but I think it's good for her to do so as well. I'm going to add the list of Free Reads to her schedule so she can choose which one she'd like to read and so we can keep track of them.

Our stack of Read Aloud's for Oldest; the books she reads to me. 

I typed in most of the assignments for this week, but I'm not sure if I'll always do that. Printing a bunch of blank copies then writing the assignments in with pencil might be a bit easier, since realistically, we might not stay on schedule.  

A few other extras that are in our School Binders:

- Calendars - my girls love to fill these out. I don't worry if we don't do them though. They sort of learn about days just through everyday life.

- Bible Reading Chart 

I know this is kind of early to be starting, only being the middle of August, but we're going to try the 6 week on/1 week off schedule then take only about 2 months off in the summer.

So! Off to bed I go so I can get some rest for Day Two!