Shout Out to My Favorite Blogs

For the record, I never say the words "Shout Out" in real life. Like, ever. It makes for a good post title, though, doesn't it?

I'd thought I'd share a few of my favorite blogs with you in case you read via email or Feedly and don't get a chance to click on my Blog Roll Page.

mmmcrafts - I read pretty much every single post of Larissa's. She is so crafty and cute I can hardly stand it. But seriously, I've been very much inspired by her. She's a great seamstress but also has a few papercrafts up her sleeve, among other things.

Afterthoughts - We'll be starting our first year of homeschooling in August Charlotte Mason style, and Brandi's blog has been such an inspiration! Not to mention a wellspring of practical help. Right now she has a great series going called Learning How to Live and her Stupendous Selections on Sundays never disappoint.

Ordo Amoris - Cindy's blog may not interest you if you're not homeschooling, but then again, it might. She is the mother of eight(!) boys and 1 girl. She has the perspective and wisdom of a homeschooling mom who's had several children graduate and are successful at what they do. She's also a thinker, that one. 

Modern Mrs. Darcy - Another blog where I read pretty much every. single. post. I get a lot of my book recommendations from her and I love her posts about clothing and gifts. Another thing I like about her? She responds to comments. As a fellow blogger (who's not even in the same ballpark, but still), I really appreciate it when bloggers sometimes respond to my comments. It makes me want to stay engaged in the conversation.

...these are a few of my favorite things... - I may be a little partial to this one. ;) She is one of my closest friends. She does great book reviews (among other things) and her children are adorable. Need I say more?

Spinning Memories, Knitting Love - Another one I'm partial to. Linda's also a close friend of mine, but happens to be wonderful knitter! She has another blog where she writes about faith -- A Sip from the Well.

What are a few of your favorite blogs?


  1. Always glad to find new blogs to follow, so thank you for posting your favorites. I had to laugh when I read your comment about responding to blog comments since I had *just* responded to your comment and then came here to read that. I try to respond to mine too although sometimes I discuss friends' comments in real time or emails with them, so then I don't, but I'm always thankful when people respond to mine, so I try to write back. Phew, sorry that sounds so convoluted, it sounded better in my head. ;)

  2. I totally understand about responding to comments! :) We all have lives outside our blogs, riiight?

    Things sounding better in my head is the story of my life.


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