On Being Flexible or Why We Stopped "No Screen Sundays"

A few months back we decided to implement a "No Screen Sunday." Well, it was actually my idea but my husband agreed to it because that's the kind of guy he is. :)

We (read: I) thought it would be nice to have a day off from the computer, the handhelds, the game systems, Kindle, etc.

And it was nice.

I think it worked those first few Sundays because I had rose-colored glasses such high-hopes.

But the reality was it pretty much stunk. I'll tell you why:

3 kids, ages 5 and under who need to eat, get dressed and have a nap + 2 parents who need to get ready (1 parent who needs to be to church 2 hrs early) + Murphy's Law = CERTAIN DISASTER AND POSSIBLE DEATH.

Sunday mornings are stressful. Those first few hours before church are the busiest of the week. There's diaper changes, making sure everyone goes potty, hair-dos (3 girls!), clothing is picked (have I mentioned our clothing issues?), a nap-time, more diaper changes, and if I want to look respectable I need at least 15 minutes to get ready. And of course, don't forget the fighting and whining while all of this is happening. Sometimes the children do it too.

And do you know what happens if things didn't go smoothly? Which is every. single. week? I would get irritated and crabby. Then the girls would get irritated and crabby. We'd arrive at church (barely) and all be in sour moods.

After a few weeks, I had to ask, Why in Heaven's name am I doing this to myself?! All so I can say, "We have No Screen Sunday's at our house." Ahem.

Well, you know what? Who cares.

I know some of you are thinking, It's a good opportunity to work on your attitude, Mama. And while that may be true, there are PLENTY of other opportunities throughout the week. AmIright?
I have prayed for peace on Sunday mornings and I have pushed myself and tried to "do better" all to no avail.

Would it be nice to have No Screen Sunday's? Yes. Is it worth making every Sunday morning a total nightmare. NOPE. More importantly, does God think I'm holier, better or love Him more because I keep the TV off? I don't think so. I think He's more concerned about my heart. 

So we scrapped it.

Now, after I feed the children and help them get dressed, I turn on the TV. Yep. I do. Granted, I try to keep it God-centered (Adventures in Odyssey or other Bible Stories) but sometimes I don't (Shaun the Sheep, anyone?). And that's ok. I think the Lord understands. I have to think that. Right now, keeping the peace in our family is more important than my snobby lofty goals.  
..He gently leads those that have young. Isaiah 40:11

I PRAY TO GOD hope that as we leave the season of having Littles it will get easier and we can get through the morning without turning the TV on.

I will say that even with turning on the TV, Sunday mornings can still be stressful. But it certainly helps. And for now, I'm going with it. I'm learning to be flexible. I'm learning that sometimes you try things and they work, and sometimes they don't and that's ok.

I just love that the parents wake up in the kids' beds. 



  1. Hilarious video! I love the big fat fake smiles as they walk into church. Been there, done that.

    And love your honesty.

  2. LOL, that was good.

    Back in the day when our oldest was always getting up by 5:30am, watching videos before church was how we survived. We bought the Steve Green Hide 'em in Your Heart dvds and played those over and over. Yes, they are cheesy 90's videos, but the songs stick in your mind.
    Now eleven years later those are the only videos the kids are 'allowed' to watch before church. But in the afternoon, they are allowed to watch other things depending on what the day brings. And we love Shaun the Sheep too.

  3. We have the Steve Green cd but not the DVD. I didn't know there was one! :)

    In my defense, we hardly watch any TV in general, relatively speaking, so I don't feel so bad about letting them on Sunday mornings. :)


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