First Born

I'm a First Born Child. For the most part, I have typical First Born tendencies. Except that I'm not really a rule-follower, although I'd like to think that time and maturity have helped me in that area. ;) I still will make a U-turn in a NO U-turn zone if I absolutely have to though. Much to the horror of my First Born, Rule Following Husband. I'm outta control, I know. Watch out for me and my bad U-turning self!


This post is not about me.

Oldest is a true First Born to the core and I have evidence. She leaves traces of her Type A, organized self all over....

what a goof.

She explained to me that the books are sorted into categories, starting from the left: God books, board books, books about animals, books about fairies and school books.  

Love. that. girl.

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  1. WOW, I am amazed at the items and the number of items you have documented. Which means there are likely lots more. Have I mentioned that is a sign of intelligence? Thought so. :^)


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