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I started blogging shortly after Oldest was born in July of 2008. (My friend, Amy, introduced me to the blogging world. Thanks, Amy!) The day my first child was born was the day my life began. It was also the day I said Sayonara to Sleeping. *yawn*

(these pictures are what happens when you give your 3 year old your camera.) 

In 2013, I decided to close that first blog and start a new one where my children’s names were kept private. I named it First Faint Gleam. 

The name was taken from a CS Lewis quote which says, “....wanting to live in such a way because the first faint gleam of Heaven is inside you.” A beautiful quote to be sure, but I've decided it doesn't quite fit. It implies a more spiritual kind of blog, and while I do talk about spiritual things, that's not the main focus. 

Of course, my faith affects every area of my life, and everything I think and feel is filtered through my belief in Jesus, but I'm no expert. I'm learning as I go. I feel like "First Faint Gleam" is a bit lofty for me. 

Hence, my new name--So Long, Sleep. Because I write about life as a Christian Mama, but life as a sleep-deprived, Christian Mama. 

My new address will be www.solongsleep.blogspot.com

Nice shot of Woody, don'tcha think?

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