Littlest at 9 Months

This picture pretty much sums up Littlest.

Littlest has just started using his Wubbanub (Seriously. Who names these things?) about a month ago. Really? You wait until you're 8 months to take a pacifier?? Something is a little backwards about that methinks. :)

As you can see, he's absolutely starved for attention around here. 

He hasn't really been eating solid foods. Which means he's still nursing A LOT. He wakes up 2 to 3 times at night to nurse.* I typically wait until my babies are old enough to eat what we're eating (mushed up, of course) but he didn't bite. Literally. Then I thought maybe he'd take baby food. No dice. Rice cereal? Nope. Any advice besides wait it out?

*see name of blog

He's been crawling for a few weeks now and it's adorable.  In the beginning he didn't move his joints when he crawled, so he looked like those little plastic wind-up babies.

He's also started pulling himself up on his knees. Pretty soon he'll be walking! Time flies, doesn't it?

I'm really loving cloth diapering. They are so much easier to use than I thought they'd be. I'm still not using them at night because he wakes so often to eat and we're still going through several diapers. But otherwise, I love'em! Aren't they cute?

We're also working on tooth #5!

And in case any of you are wondering about that "pretty" necklace (as my friend, Linda, calls it), it's an amber teething necklace. I *think* it works? Do any of you have experience with those necklaces?


Blog Name Change

I started blogging shortly after Oldest was born in July of 2008. (My friend, Amy, introduced me to the blogging world. Thanks, Amy!) The day my first child was born was the day my life began. It was also the day I said Sayonara to Sleeping. *yawn*

(these pictures are what happens when you give your 3 year old your camera.) 

In 2013, I decided to close that first blog and start a new one where my children’s names were kept private. I named it First Faint Gleam. 

The name was taken from a CS Lewis quote which says, “....wanting to live in such a way because the first faint gleam of Heaven is inside you.” A beautiful quote to be sure, but I've decided it doesn't quite fit. It implies a more spiritual kind of blog, and while I do talk about spiritual things, that's not the main focus. 

Of course, my faith affects every area of my life, and everything I think and feel is filtered through my belief in Jesus, but I'm no expert. I'm learning as I go. I feel like "First Faint Gleam" is a bit lofty for me. 

Hence, my new name--So Long, Sleep. Because I write about life as a Christian Mama, but life as a sleep-deprived, Christian Mama. 

My new address will be www.solongsleep.blogspot.com

Nice shot of Woody, don'tcha think?


Another Embroidery Project & Name Change

I'm loving this embroidery thing.

The color of the fabric looks different because of the lighting and I'm not enough of a photographer to fix it. :) The top picture is closest to what it looks like.

In other news, I'm going to change the name of my blog AGAIN.

I just don't think First Faint Gleam fits that well. I really write mostly about the everyday stuff in my life.

I also have a hard committing (in general), so this may or may not be the last name change before I'm done with this whole blogging thing. Good thing I don't have a large readership! HA! ;o)

Stay tuned!


Embroidery Projects

(I accidentally pressed "Publish" the first time around, so this is the REAL post. sigh. )

I had a request to show my completed wedding gift that I briefly mentioned here . It's not much, but I really like how it turned out. In case you can't read it, the bride and groom's names are Conrad and Lori. I was inspired by (read: COPIED) this.

The nice thing about this gift is it didn't cost me a dime. I had all the supplies on hand. The material is an old (gently used) sheet. I picked a pretty font that I liked, in this case it was Halo Handletter, printed it off, traced it onto my fabric with a pencil, then embroidered it! Easy, peasy, nice and cheesy as my 5 year old would say.
I had so much fun working on that gift, that I decided to make something for myself. I've been meaning to make a needle book for some time. (I made one for my mom for Christmas a few years back and I *think* she liked it? Right, Ma?) Larissa at mmmcrafts inspired this project. (If you don't read that blog, you should.) Of course, her needle books are amazing and for sale here.

I knew mine would have to have a bird on it. So I found a bird that I liked and made it my own. I can't find the link for the one I made, but here's some inspiration if you need it.

I'd never quite gotten the hang of french knots, which is what I used for the eye, but I found this great tutorial and it turns out, I was doing them wrong. Life-changing, I tell ya!

Oldest finished her embroidery project, too. She did a great job! I'm so proud of her. And of course, I'm absolutely beside myself that we can now embroider together. EEK!

In case you don't recognize her, it's Princess Peach. So. cute.

I helped her a little bit here and there, but mostly just to start and finish a color. Didn't she do a great job!?

What projects have you been working on?


Personality Types

The very first book I read about personality types was Spirit-Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye. It was required reading in high school (ACE, anyone?) I. ate. it. up. I found it so interesting! I remember not only having fun figuring out my type but also everyone else that I knew. I was probably kind of annoying, now that I think about it.

Since then I've read a lot more about personality types and really enjoy learning all I can about the subject. It's so helpful to learn why we do the things we do. I got my husband hooked on it, too.

In case you're wondering, I'm an ENFP or Sanguine (or Otter) and am not sure about my Enneagram (pronounced ANY-uh-gram) number yet--if I had to guess, a two or seven? I'm still waiting for the book. ;)

So why should you care what personality type you are? Several reasons, but mostly because knowing more about yourself and others helps so much in relationships.

For instance, I know that one of my weaknesses is people-pleasing, so I have to be careful that I don't say "yes" to things just to make someone else happy. I need to examine my motives (and my schedule!). Am I doing something because it makes me look good or because I actually care?

The Enneagram - looks confusing, but it's not once you know what you're looking at!

Probably the biggest help when it comes to understanding different personalities is I've learned not to take things personally. It took me a long time to understand that just because {introverted} people don't respond to me the way I do to them (lots of words and smiles and bouncing around all over the place), it doesn't mean they don't like me. Yes, I actually used to think that. You other extroverts know what I'm talking about. I've learned not to take people's non-reactions personally. In fact, 99.9% of the time, it's not about me. GASP.

I can't tell you how many times this fact has saved me from myself. Saved me from worrying and making a fool of myself by trying to figure out "what's wrong." That said, I have made a fool of myself plenty of times. Ahem.

Moving on.

Obviously, knowing more about my husband and children's personalities has been indispensable (it was also helpful in the workplace when I worked outside the home). Mr. N and I are so totally opposite in terms of personality. On paper, we do not make a good couple. Of course, in real life, we're awesome together. (It's totally the Lord!) Because we're so different, I feel it's essential to know all I can about his personality. Because, let's face it, even without such different personalities, just the fact that he's a MAN and I'm a WOMAN is reason enough to learn all I can, amIright!?

For example, I know that he needs time alone to recharge (introvert). Just like I need to socialize to recharge (extrovert) or I go ca-razy.  I also know that it stresses him out if too many things are planned too far in advance, so I only tell him what he needs to know. :) Knowing these things, we can help meet each others needs and also be a little more sympathetic towards one another.

I'm still trying to learn more about my children's personalities--it's difficult when they're so young. One thing I've noticed is that they're different out in public vs. at home. Middlest is wild, crazy, rambunctious and talkative at home but quiet, shy and reserved in public. Oldest is mild-mannered and a little reserved at home but loves the spotlight around other people. Remind you of anyone?

I only read about half-way through Nurture by Nature (understanding your children's personality) but I loved it. My time ran out at the library and it's on my hold list once again. 

There are a few things you need to be careful of, when learning about personalities. One is pigeon-holing people. There are always exceptions to the rules and generalizations are just that--general. 

It could also be tempting to use your type's negative attributes as an excuse; "I can't help being pessimistic all the time--it's just the way I was made." If you know your downfalls, you should try to grow and overcome them.

The most obvious (and dangerous?) downside to studying your type is becoming too introspective and self-absorbed. Remember the freedom of forgetting oneself?

In case you want to know more, here are a few links to get you started:
And if you have the time, here's a great podcast from Tsh Oxenreider talking to Leigh Kramer about the Enneagram. Interesting stuff! 
Do you know what type you are? Do you have any favorite resources?