Children Are Gifts

A few short words at the bank drive-thru window have had me thinking.

The teller knows our family and when I go to the bank, I usually have my kids with me. She asked if I needed suckers and I said "No, thanks." She replied, "No kids today? That's nice!"

Now, I don't want to seem nit-picky and I know what she meant, but I immediately thought, why didn't she say, "No kids today? That's too bad!"

I wonder if it's because in our society children are considered a burden. Not always, but often I would say? She isn't the first person to see me without my kids and say something along the lines of "No kids? That's great! You need a break, too!" 

Oldest a few years ago; she is her mother's daughter.

I'm sure sometimes it's just that the person has small children themselves or remembers what it's like to have a few littles, and so they know how nice it is to get a break now and then. But I just wonder why people's first reaction isn't something positive when it comes to children? I'm at fault too. I probably voice the negatives more than the positives.

I don't want to be seen as the mom who can't WAIT to get a free moment from her children. I love them! I love spending time with them. Ok. Not every single second of every single day--but most of the time I really do!

WARNING: First few pictures taken by a certain sweet 5 year old.

The truth is, yes, I like having Mommy Time. I mean, who doesn't?

HOWEVER, every single time I come home, even if I've only been gone for an hour, my girls come running up to me saying, "Mommy, mommy! We missed you!" I live for those moments. I love being a Mama and I love spending time with my littles.

Breaks are nice. But time with my children is nicer.

I love how Michelle Duggar always refers to her children as "Gifts." It's so true, isn't it? They really are gifts from God. Sanctifying Gifts. AHEM. But gifts, nonetheless. ;o)

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. - Psalm 127:3

Middlest ADORES her Daddy. AH. DORES. Wants to marry him, she does. I kind of like him, too.

Seriously? I mean, can they get any sweeter? By the way, my dear friend, Linda made that cute little sweater! Adorable! Here's a close up:

I am so blessed.


  1. Love all the pictures. You are blessed. :^)

  2. EVERY time I go somewhere that I regularly go ;) and know the checkers etc, I almost ALWAYS get the "Whew. You are free of children." comments...it does get annoying sometimes and once in awhile, I will say something like, "Yeah. I really miss 'em." for shock value. ;) Of course, I recharge BY MYSELF (LOL) and need that time, but the culture's general attitude is SO NEGATIVE. You are right. :/


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