7 Quick Takes: May 16th Edition

Does anyone else NOT correct their child when they say something incorrectly because it's so stinkin' cute? Middlest has started saying some of her "i's" with an accent. " ...six, seven, eight, noine, ten.." and "can I go outsoide?" It's so adorable.

We were invited to a Tea Party a few weeks ago, complete with crumpets, 
cakes and sweet little dressed-up girls. 

Littlest is EIGHT months! Craziness. Every day that goes by he continues to be such a blessing to our family. Every. single. time. I bring him down from his naps or bedtime the girls act like it's the first time they've seen him. He's like a celebrity around here.

Mr. N and feel like we are in limbo right now with several things. He's been searching for a new job for quite some time now (years!) and our living situation may or may not change soon. We are just waiting and praying that we're able to make wise decisions and follow the Lord's leading. But it is so hard! 

With the weather getting a bit nicer (not great yet though!) we've been able to take advantage of a great little park a few blocks away from our house. I just love our little town. :)

I've been doing pretty well, with the Lord's help, with the whole anger thing. I've made a few mistakes, but am not letting it keep me from moving forward. Yippee!

I gave Oldest a haircut a few weeks ago because her little head is so sensitive. Brushing and washing her hair were such a struggle. I really love it but it makes her look older. *sniff, sniff*

I'm working on an embroidery project for a wedding present for someone (the wedding's TOMORROW!) and Oldest asked if she could embroider too. She wanted to do Princess Peach. She is her Father's Daughter. ;)

She is doing such a great job! I help her to start and finish each color, but she does the rest. It's so fun! Not quite done yet, as you can see, but she's just itching to finish it!

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  1. The wedding gift looks SO nice, Catie and I love Gilly's project!!! <3

    So nice to see you today! Thanks for coming in the frigid weather! :)

  2. The wedding gift does look so lovely. I want to see it all! Take a picture.

    And oldest's project is wonderful, and so are the rest of your pics.

    Fun post!


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