7 Quick Takes: Six Months, School and Spring

My girls are ages 5 and 3. This means that it takes approximately 2 hours for them to get dressed every. morning. I try to be a nice mom and let them pick out their own clothes, but then it turns into a fashion show. A fashion show that we don't necessarily have time for. Anyone have any advice?

Spring is finally here and it makes my heart do a little happy dance every morning. The end.

Mr. N and I were looking at selling our home and buying one in the country, but after looking at the homes that are available in our price range and finding nothing even close to what we'd like and the market being what it is, we've decided to put moving on hold for now. I've also realized that where we're at right now (a tiny, quiet town with a great park and a wonderful library down the street) isn't so bad. ;)

I'm a part of a Beth Moore study at church and we're doing the Breaking Free study. It is fantastic! I just love Beth Moore. At the risk of sounding cheesy, she really makes God's Word come alive and I just. love. it. I'm so looking forward to going through this and growing closer to the Lord.

I've started planning for our school year coming up this Fall (actually Summer--I think we're going to start in August and do school year-round with little breaks every 6 weeks or so.) I'm super excited to start and am so thankful for the great curriculum provided by Ambleside Online. It's all I want to talk about these days!

I can't believe my Little Man is SIX MONTHS OLD. Sheesh! That went fast. I absolutely LOVE this age. He's rolling around on the floor like a mad-man, "talking" and giggling so much, and we're really starting to see his personality shine through. What a blessing he is!

I have a great stack of books just waiting for me to dig in, including A Long Way Down, Excellent Woman and Crazy Busy but it seems like I'm having less and less time to read! The irony's not lost on me with that last title, by the way.

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  1. Where's the "like" button. It's gone missing.

  2. I feel the same way about Beth Moore's Bible studies. Breaking Free was life changing for me. And I can definitely relate to only wanting to discuss a Charlotte Mason education. I haven't figured out if it is my hobby or obsession. Most likely, both! May your Easter Day be filled with his truth and love, Kelly


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