My poor blog is being neglected. There just aren't enough hours in the day right now. The problem is if I'm writing, something else is going by the wayside. Usually it's sleep because I tend to blog during naptime or after the kiddies are in bed. And sleep trumps most things.

Although I will say that the more children I have, the less sleep I need. Or I'm just getting used to it? There's a certain 3 year old who's sleeping patterns (if you can call them that--there's really no pattern) are LESS than desirable and have been since the day she was born. I can count on one hand how many times I've slept through the night in over 3 years. Oh well! It is what it is!

Enough about that! More about BABY! What a wonderful little guy he is. I hated really didn't like the newborn stage with either girl (they were both colicky and I thought I was going to lose my mind), but this time around I'm actually enjoying almost every minute. He's such a good baby. He's very easily contented is sleeping on a pretty normal schedule.

I could not have asked for a better baby.

I've stayed away from coffee (I'm drinking decaf) and a lot of dairy this time (I suspected a lactose sensitivity that maybe caused colic with Middlest) so I'm not sure if that is making a difference or not. But I'll take it! 

As a side note: you know you've had one (or two) colicky babies when people ask you how your new one is doing and you reply excitedly, "Great! He just wakes up every couple hours at night then goes right back to sleep!" If my former self could hear me now.

So the new guy is doing well and the girls are slowly adjusting. To me, not him. They adore their new baby brother. Too much sometimes, actually. ;) I have to remind them that the baby *may* want to breath sometimes and that they need to give him a little space. Especially Middlest. She. can't. get. enough. It's really cute actually. Most of the time.

They've had a difficult time with ME, however. Not having all of my time, that is. Especially Oldest. Which is to be expected, I know. I just didn't expect it to be so blatant. The first few weeks after we brought Littlest home were very difficult and we were having major behavioral issues, but as I'm able to spend more time with them and not lose my cool (which can be a major struggle, believe me!) they are getting better and better.

A few resources that have encouraged me are this one from Making Home (read the comments too!) and especially this one about loving your child. We've been trying to read a chapter from the book of Proverbs each morning at breakfast and I know that is helping all of us.

A few other random thoughts..

~ Like I mentioned, Littlest is such a good baby, but waking up every few hours is causing some major fogginess! I feel like I can barely finish sentences and I can't think of even the simplest words. Case in point: I was talking to a few friends last week and I couldn't remember what it's called when you learn by seeing things. The answer? VISUALLY. Der, Catie. So I apologize to those of you in real life who walk away from a conversation with me wondering what in the heck I was trying to say. So sorry. :(

~ I'm STILL so thankful to not be pregnant anymore! HA! I say it out loud at least once or twice a week. One can really take not being pregnant for granted!

~ The entire 10 seasons of The Duggars is on Netflix! I've just finished it and it's so good! I've seen it before (when we used to have cable) but it's been so great catching up on all that I've missed. I don't agree with all of their practices, but in general they're a wonderful family and a real inspiration. And it's one of the FEW shows that I can watch with the littles.

~ I really need a profile picture. I HATE the one I have right now. I really don't like the posed looks. I need to get some good candid pictures of myself. How does that happen??

~ Remember my Reading the Classics post? HA! I started Great Expectations. I started it. I haven't finished it yet. And that's as far as I've gotten, folks.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. I'm with you on watching the Duggars with the kids. I watch that show sometimes with my kids also and we all love it! I'm so glad he's a good baby for you. It's so much easier to enjoy the newborn phase, when you have a happy baby!

  2. I hear you about not blogging much with a baby. Sleep is necessary. :) We've also been watching the Duggars lately! I used to think, "weirdo family", but now I think, "I love that family!" They are so sweet and seem to love the Lord and each other and others so much. I want to get myself a long jean skirt and button up shirt! (okay, so...not really, but I wouldn't mind having Michelle's sweet spirit rub off on me!)
    And about getting a candid picture of yourself - hand your camera to your oldest and tell her to get creative. She'll love it! It's a self-learning homeschool lesson. :)


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