My Pregnancy Week 39

It's funny. I don't think it's totally sunk in yet that we're having another baby. I was so sure that I didn't want anymore after the two girls and now here I am--one week from my due date with Baby #3. I've got to be honest, I'm pretty stinkin' excited. I just can't wait to meet him! What will he be like? Will he be more quiet and subdued, or will he be a little on the wilder side? What color will his hair be? Will it be curly like Daddy's? Will he be handsome or will he be rich.....

I'm so excited! eek!

I've been feeling a lot better emotionally this last week or so. It always amazes me how much hormones can have an effect on you. Seriously, I was a blubbering mess. I'm just trying to be thankful. It really helps so much when you're feeling down to look at the things you're thankful for, doesn't it?

Physically, I'm feeling suprisingly well. I don't feel nearly as BIG as I was with the other two (at the least the parts of me that aren't belly) and I'm starting to have little bursts of energy here and there. Granted, it hurts to bend over to put my pants on, but I can deal with that. ;)

I keep having a TON of contractions and they're fairly regular, too. It's good, I know. (Or may not be doing anything at all!) But it's making me VERY anxious! Every night I go to bed thinking, maybe he'll come tonight! And every morning I wake up thinking, maybe my water will break today!


I'm pretty much ready to go to the hospital. My bags are packed except for a few last minute things and I've been trying really hard to keep the house *mostly* clean and tidy. I just received my cloth diapers in the mail, too! Yay!

I keep forgetting to mention how absolutely adorable the girls are being with my being pregnant. They kiss and talk to the Baby all of the time. Middlest keeps telling me all of the things she's going to do to help--push the stroller, change his diaper, let him sleep in her bed, etc. It's so precious.

Whenever I kiss the girls goodbye or goodnight, Oldest has to kiss my belly. She's so excited to meet him. I know she'll be a great help and a great big sister. 

Oh, how sweet the girls are. I love our family and am so excited to add to it.

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